Analysis of My Personality

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According to the personality inventory, I am in the category of logistician, which is apparently the most common type around the world. I am the kind of person who is extremely responsible and takes charge of situations with dedication. I am driven to succeed, and I get a lot of pleasure from my accomplishments. This has been characteristic of my entire academic career, when I have really gone out of my way to do as much as I can to organize myself and my classmates when appropriate, and have chosen to apply myself thoroughly to all of my academic pursuits. I have always been the kind of person that others can count on, and I tend to form judgments based on facts rather than assumptions. I am someone who really cannot tolerate when others waver in making decisions, or when they are passive and don’t make any effort to finish what they are supposed to be doing. One could say that I am very intolerant of laziness, and I would rather just do things myself if I see that someone is not going to hold his or her own.

I am fully aware that my tendency to be a perfectionist and make sure that I finish whatever I am doing and do a good job does not necessarily make me popular with others. Sometimes I feel that people take advantage of me because they know that I will carry out my responsibilities and if necessary, finish things for others just to make sure that the job is complete. I am aware that this quality is both a strength and weakness. Because I tend to take on tasks with so much commitment, I run the risk of overdoing it, and running myself ragged because I neglect myself at times. I am fully aware, also, that I have some other weaknesses such as being stubborn and I know that I have inadvertently hurt people’s feelings because I am so honest about giving feedback to people. I have to remind myself that they do not always welcome input and that it may be hurtful to them. I’ve also been called rigid because I tend to like to do things according to the rules rather than being spontaneous and creative. Generally, though, I believe that my positive traits will serve me well in my future, while at the same time I must always remain aware of my tendency to overdo things and sometimes overlook people’s feelings.

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