Jazz Concert Report

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The jazz performance that I attended was in a small room which helped the experience to be a more intimate session between the musicians and audience. The environment was relaxed and the room was well lit. The performance took place in a room with two speakers on the wall and a projector screen between them. On the other side of the room were about 6 unoccupied chairs grouped together in a corner. There was a total of five male jazz players, two on a saxophone, one on the drums, one on the piano, and one playing a guitar. The rhythm was fast paced and had an upbeat tempo. The jazz players were dressed somewhat business casual but comfortably, as this was not a formal setting. The gentlemen wore slacks, button ups and/or a blazer or sweater and casual shoes. The mood was great and everyone seemed to enjoy the infusion of instruments. The crowd consisted of mostly young college students and they were attuned to the music.

The performers had a vibe that demonstrated they enjoyed playing together while each one played his part. The age range of the men varied from maybe late 30’s through 60’s. Although they all played together, the saxophone players seemed to stand out more. The drums and piano were the melody while the saxophone provided the main element of sound. Towards the end both saxophone players did a duet which was really enjoyable. The guys were in sync and received energy from one another. Throughout the performance, one of the saxophonists would make eye contact with another player, namely the pianist, to signal change of music or ending.

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The overall harmony was complementary and the jazz sound had more of a funk, blues rhythm to it. The guitar added the funk element to the music. Although the guitarist played for a few moments, the sound continued to have somewhat of a funk vibe. The drums added edge to the ensemble. The drums were not too loud or overbearing but moved with the music. The pianist set the tone for notes while synchronizing with the drums and guitar. No one tried to out play the other but simultaneously each individual sound could be recognized. The music accomplished the purpose of jazz music which is to make harmonious, infused, sounds. Everything flowed smoothly.

At the point in which the sound had more of a blues rhythm, the sound had a rise and fall pitch with a repetitive melody. The melody was a bit slower which indicated it was a blues tone. People in the audience began to clap more and it was easy to tell this was the highlight of the performance. The looks on the player’s faces indicated they were in their element and doing what they loved. The drummer played on one cymbal during this segment and it was a consistent hit, timing, and pace at which he played. The saxophones were the voice of the blues melody with its mellow yet passionate sounds. The music told a story that I could feel. This part of the performance was, perhaps, my favorite as well.

The group played different tempos to demonstrate their talent and familiarity with other tempos. In the middle of the show, only the drummer, pianist, and guitarist performed and their sound together was classical. During their segment, the sound seemed to build up anticipation and waiting for closure or a comprehensive tune which included all musicians. The backdrop served as an invitation for the saxophonists to join at the perfect time. Shortly after, the saxophonists joined and created a blues sound. The title of the songs are not given but the tone of the music seems to express feelings about good moments.

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