Analytical Essay Examples

Students graduating from law school today face huge challenges in their efforts to find full-time careers utilizing their degrees. After spending their own, their families’, and student loan money, these students emerge from law school deep in debt (estimated $100,000 worth of student loans on average) (Jost 16), yet unable...

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The following paper is an analysis of the contract between the State of Oregon’s Department of Human Services (henceforth DHS) and the company ‘Professional Data Exchange’ (henceforth the contractor). The contract takes the form of a service agreement for the contractor to provide system design and programming services for DHS...

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9/11 changed the world. Most specifically, the events on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, sent America into collective grief. It also created stark terror for individuals. While America had experienced massive trauma at the Oklahoma City Bombing, it still believed that terrorism would not happen on home soil....

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AirAsia “established itself as Asia’s most successful low-cost airline” by the year 2009 (Grant, p. 558) and through a review of the case study entitled “AirAsia: The World’s Lowest Cost Airline,” it is possible to provide both an internal and external analysis of the company and determine its development statement....

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Translated from French, “film noir” means black film. The term was first coined in the 40’s and, in fact, Double Indemnity (1944) is thought, by many, to have set the bar for film noir (Caldwell 2008). When compared to Memento (2001), considered by some to be a complex neo-noir film,...

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