Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

From the beginning of the foundation of the American constitution, the United States has embraced the democratic federal structure, allowing the people to voice their opinions and elect chosen representatives to reflect their beliefs on local, state, and national levels. The American health care system is outspoken when compared to...

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The discovery of new knowledge and expansion of the existing body of knowledge is believed to involve robust activities and arguments, some of which are in consensus while others in disagreement. Many distinctive academic, political, philosophical, religious, and even social doctrines advance arguments and opinions some of which contradict or...

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Globalization is a contested thematic in popular discourse, as well as in the academic literature. In both forms, however, the broader arguments with regard to globalization tend to take two basic argumentative lines of thought. Some will claim that globalization is a golden opportunity, allowing for an unprecedented development of...

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Joan Didion's Holy Water (1979) and Philip Larkin's Water (1964) present two contrasting images of spiritualized water. Though both writers focus on the same subject matter, their tone and use of language differ greatly as Didion takes a highly personal stance while Larkin chooses to be more distant. While the...

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This critical précis aims at summarizing, comparing, and contrasting two scholarly articles on the subject of public history. Specifically, it focuses on the differences and similarities of Albert Hurtado’s “The Significance of Public History in the American West: An Essay Some Modest Suggestion” and John English’s “The Tradition of Public...

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The essays “I’m Happy with an Arranged Marriage” by Gitangeli Sapra and “Grant and Lee: A study in Contrasts” by Bruce Catton clearly have extremely different subject matters. In his article, Catton discusses the American Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, looking for contrasts in the men’s character...

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Eating out can be entertaining and pleasurable. Weather it is a family dinner, a romantic evening, lunch with friends or a special occasion, everyone likes the hassle-free option of not having to prepare their own meal. However, while eating is often both convenient and enjoyable, preparing and eating at home...

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Both Jack London's short story, "To Build a Fire," and the film, The Revenant, rely on themes of naturalism to portray nature as an antagonist to each story's main characters. Naturalism is a literary style portraying extreme realism, and both protagonists' fights for survival are portrayed in vivid detail. The...

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Experimental and case study research are both helpful for exploring burglary and the reasons that crime exist. According to Piquero & Piquero (2002), experimental and quasi-experimental research methods in criminology are the best type of research methods to determine the cause and effect of crime, including burglary. True experimental research...

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Cars are increasingly becoming basic necessities in the society today. This is because of the convenience and comfort that these cars deliver to the users. There are various manufacturers of cars across the world. The choice of a car depends on the preferences and the needs of an individual because...

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The smartphone market has experienced great transformation over the recent years as firms compete to attain a large share in the global market. New and more powerful smartphone are released to the market for consumers to enjoy. The leading smartphone firms are involved in strong competitions to ensure a leading...

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Shylock, Shakespeare’s infamous bitter, villainous victim from the Merchant of Venice is often portrayed solely as a villain. Shylock is not an understanding character, but the bitterness he oozes has festered as a result of continuous persecutions Jewish men suffered working in a Christian world. His anger at the world...

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Various animals are created in different ways. The differences are manifested in the physical and internal outlooks and characteristics of the animals. One of the main reasons that makes the animal have differences is that the manner in which they undertake their daily activities is very different from one another....

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Coca Cola and Pepsi have similar core benefit for the products they offering to the market, to quench the thirst of the consumers in the market and also sell of non-alcoholic soft drink (Horowitz, 2011). The core benefit is the basic requirement or need that ensures that consumers are satisfied...

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In this modern era, there are many ways a person can be entertained including simple ways like reading a book to more complicated ways like video games. People can also watch various forms of visual media like television shows or movies. Technology has given us the ability to do all...

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The Year of Living Dangerously and The Purple Rose of Cairo are two works that bring to bear a number of different themes. Written by Christopher Koch, The Year of Living Dangerously is a book that details the trials and tribulations of a number of different people with competing interests...

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1) Food is a private good. A private good is “A product that must be purchased in order to be consumed, and whose consumption by one individual prevents another individual from consuming it” (http://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/private-good.asp ). Some, however, feel food should be a public good. (See, for example, Pol). The “food...

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In his essay 'Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire', Errol Morris poses the question of whether photographs are true or false representations of the reality. By arguing that any picture may have a thousand different interpretations unless a caption is provided, Morris claims that it is language that can convey true...

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Burglary is a common crime in today's society, though many are unfamiliar with the exact logistics of how such a crime is defined. There are only three main elements that must be present in order for the crime of burglary to be committed: first, the person knowingly enters the premises...

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When it comes to Native Americans, each tribe had its own set of beliefs and practices. There never existed a single religion among Native Americans. As for the theology of Native American religions, they could be animistic (a belief in spirits and the spiritual nature of things), monotheistic, polytheistic, or...

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The strong traditional foundations of nursing have always focused on the ways of providing excellent healthcare. There are patterns which each nurse ought to know which include, ethics, personal, empirics and aesthetic. The empirical knowing mainly relates to the factual explanations, descriptions and predictions. The ethics have referred to the...

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Kuwait and the United States are two countries with high levels of literacy and high standards of living for their populations. This paper will look into the differences between education systems in Kuwait and the United States through contrast of the key features of Kuwaiti and American education. One of...

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The business cycle in the last few years has been in a cycle predicted years ago by john Keynes Keynesian theory. This theory provides that the economy is driven by demand and that contraction in demand creates a recession and the subsequent cuts in spending. Keynes was of the idea...

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In the ongoing debate of nature vs. nurture, scientists continue to research whether nature or the environment has more of an influence on physical and behavioral characteristics and traits. The nature versus nurture theory was first coined to determine whether nature (or genetic traits) have more of an influence on...

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Harry Potter and Frodo Baggins appear in stories nearly 100 years apart but have served readers as faithful and interesting heroes. JRR Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings with a featured character, the hobbit named Frodo Baggins. JK Rowling also created an imaginary world in which her protagonist, also...

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Dealing With Compare And Contrast Essay Easily

In today’s time, compare and contrast essays are very common at university levels, or you might have possibly come across one before. In the simplest terms, this is a type of essay that assesses the similarities and/or differences between two distinct topics. While the subjects might fall under the same category, they can be different from one another. A great comparison essay example comparing two novels of the same historical period or two different types of pets.

A compare and contrast essay has been designed to visualize the links between two separate ideas or theories. For the comparative essay, you will be looking at what all are similar, while you will look for what is different in the comparison essay part.

Writing Down A Compare And Contrast Essay

Before writing down the compare and contrast words essay, you need to choose whether you want to contrast seemingly similar subjects, compare seemingly disparate subjects, or compare-and-contrast both. Once the topic has been decided, you need to start by writing down an engaging paragraph. Then you need to write down the statement of your thesis, which will establish the subjects and why you have chosen them for comparing and/or contrasting.

For the main body of the comparison and contrast essay, it can be organized in any one of the two ways – by individual points or by subject. The organizing of the essay will also depend on the purpose and your audience. The approach you end up choosing will depend on the nature of the subjects – some topics will suit better with one type of structure than the other. Ensure that you make use of comparison and contrast phrases/terms so that the audience gets cued into what you are trying to explain here.

Once you are done analyzing the topics for compare and contrast essays, you can finish it off with a small summary that will briefly explain the important points of your essay and reinforce your thesis.

Overall, an average compare and contrast essay template looks like:

  1. Introduction: This is the part where you introduce the two objects/ideas that you are going to compare/contrast. You need to explain both briefly and lay out the foundation for the main body.
  2. Statement of the thesis: This is where you will write down your impression about both objects. For example, you can jot down why the two objects are more similar or different to you.
  3. Main body: Here, each paragraph you write down needs to be detailed. While you need to compare or contrast the theories, you also have to ensure that each point is backed by relevant research.
  4. Conclusion: With all the main points written down, you need to explain here how they support your thesis.

Structure Of A Compare And Contrast Essay

There are two primary ways of structuring this type of essay – a block structure or a point-by-point structure.

In the block structure, you need to write down all the information about one of the two subjects that are being compared first, followed by the information about the other. This type of structure is commonly used for problem-solving and cause-and-effect essays. In point-by-point structure, you jot down a similarity/difference of both objects simultaneously.

Both methods have their own sets of merits. Block structure is much easier to write while the point-by-point structure gives you a clear idea about your work progress and the similarities/differences are highlighted more explicitly.

Compare And Contrast Essay Examples

As the name suggests, you need to choose subjects where two different theories or ideas can be discussed. This could be by anything ranging from events, ideas, people, books, sports (similar ones), music (of the same genre), etc. For instance, you can describe and compare/contrast Edison and Tesla.

Some other great compare and contrast essay examples include:

  • Undergraduate and graduate or college studies
  • Incarceration and rehabilitation
  • Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso
  • Rugby and American Football
  • Rock music and metal music
  • Generation Y and Generation Z
  • Democracy and Totalities
  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

Getting Help With Comparison Essay

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