Asperger’s Syndrome

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Asperger’s Syndrome is a mild case of Autism. People with Asperger’s have trouble with reading facial expressions and understanding body language. They cause people no harm. People with Asperger’s are often confused with Sociopaths who have no conscience, feel no shame, and disrespect the rights of others. Sociopaths have an anti-social disorder.
Unfortunately, when people consider both types of people they apparently see something similar; a person who is unable to read them. This causes conflicts in society because these conflicts go unresolved which results in mistreatment by others. Often people with Asperger’s appear anti-social; they are not. They look down because they are nervous. They do not have the innate skills to be aggressive or assertive. In actuality, they need to be included in your conversation, group, or party, but they do not know how to ask. The person with Asperger’s will most likely be found sitting alone thinking no one wants to be with him or her. An Asperger’s child may choose to sit at the far end of the lunch table and mutter to herself that no one likes her. In reality, the other children thought the child wanted to be alone, so they did not include her or him.

In contrast to people with Asperger’s, Sociopaths do not care about maintaining relationships and adhering to social laws. They have no interest in being accepted. Often this leads to harassing people, stalking, writing nasty emails or physically hurting someone. They convince themselves that people want to hurt them, and they will premeditate in considerable detail an attack first. While people with Asperger’s can scream from frustration or anger, they care that they have hurt your feelings. They often perform some task to make you their friend again. My friend’s sister is much like this after he does not let her play with his laptop. Later on, she will bring him a picture she drew with a heart on it and an apology.

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There are varying types of developmental disorders with similar symptoms, but it is dangerous to make assumptions. Assumptions can lead to losing many terrific opportunities to become friends with someone nice. It is also dangerous to allow someone into your life with a potential for criminal behavior. Consequently, we need to approach each relationship carefully.

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