Being An Interior Designer

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Being an Interior Designer can be one of the most reliable and rewarding careers that an artist can have in their lifetime. However, it can also be one of the most tedious. This is because clients and team members may often have visions in mind that are completely different than what I had in mind. Already knowing this, I believe that any prospective interior designer should know how to communicate with clients and team members, solve any problems and confusions that arise in the workplace, work closely with team members that are also involved in projects, and manage their time as efficiently as possible. I also feel that I have all of these skills and can demonstrate them during my internship.

Firstly, an employable interior designer must know how to effectively communicate. This is especially important when working with clients who may have absolutely no idea how they want their home or workspace to look. While they are often deferring to the more experienced person in the room, designers should always try to best to create what the client wants most. I feel that my communication skills are up to par as I have always tried to give my instructors what they wanted out of a project of mine, even if that meant straying away from what I originally intended.

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Secondly, interior designers should be able to adapt to quick changes and be able to solve problems on the fly. In my past work and school experiences, I have often had days that did not go as I had originally planned them. Because of this, I made sure to calm down any stresses that I had and decided to tackle any problems that arose head on. This approach is often the best to take as the problems will never go away unless they are fixed, so it is best to calm down and get things done.

Third, working in a team can actually make an interior designer’s job easier. However, as artists, it is hard for us to see this at times. I, myself, am enjoying working with my two other coworkers as I fulfill the duties of my internship. I am also learning that there are so many great ideas out there, that it is impossible for me to think of them all on my own. Along with the ideas, I have found that there are some technical skills that I need to refine before becoming a full-fledged professional interior designer. With that, I can honestly say that working in a team has helped me learn my strengths and weakness and how to be a better communicator overall.

This transitions into the last skill that I mentioned, time management. By being able to work effectively in a team, I am able to communicate with my team members who should take care of what and how much time that our project should take. One we decide on a schedule, I find that we are very committed to sticking to each milestone. This is also true for me in my individual efforts as well. I have learned the hard way that procrastinating on huge projects and assignments will only hurt me in the end, so I tend to break my tasks down into smaller, more achievable milestones.

So, to summarize, communication, problem solving, teamwork, and time management are four skills that every employable interior designer should have. In saying this, I believe that I possess all of these standards and am able to demonstrate them on a regular basis in my professional endeavors and the duration of my internship. I especially enjoy demonstrating the skill of teamwork because my two coworkers and I can achieve a lot amongst the three of us.

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