Campaign Fundraising

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One of my roles as a campaign manager is soliciting funds for my presidential candidate to facilitate campaign expenditure. Indeed, fundraising is one of the most effective ways of raising campaign finances. In this case my presidential candidate, Natalie Portman is an educated linguist and a scientist as well. Indeed, Drake a well known hip hop artist of Canadian origin has offered to give a free concert in aid of Natalie Portman’s campaign. Nevertheless, Drake can perform the free concert as the Federal law allows for such volunteer activity. Indeed, according to the law, a person may volunteer personal services to a campaign committee as long as no one his paying for such services.

Although individuals contributing towards campaign fundraising must be citizens of the United States, foreign nationals can also participate so long they have permanent United States status like the ‘green cards’. Besided, foreign individuals can also contribute in other ways besides cash donations that are also acceptable by the law.

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Other forms of contributions
However, some limits and probations apply to contributors. For instance, there is a limit contribution per individual per year. Indeed, “In-Kind” contributions are also accepted as donations that can help in raising more funds for a candidate and influence a federal candidate’s election. An in—kind contribution includes goods and services offered free or at discounted prices towards the campaign committee.

Forms of in-kind donations
Indeed, there are two types of in-kind donations towards a campaign fundraising. Individuals could offer free services and items or provide free, coordinated expenditure on a candidate’s behalf. In such a case, free items include beverages, bumper stickers, fliers and campaign materials as well. Other individuals would free services like their time selling tickets or use personal vehicles free for a campaign since the federal law exempts such from donation limits. Secondly there are other volunteer activities that individuals would offer like free broadcasting on radio and television which is permissible by the law. However, all these donations should be reported to the campaign committee since there is a donor’s contribution limit.

The fact that Drake is a well-known hip hop musician makes me believe that his concert would attract both citizens and foreigner. The concert would also help in raising enough funds to meet the target of two million dollars. Indeed, I am confident that Drake’s show would be successful.

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