Modern Trends

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End of colonialism is used to describe the withdrawal of the exploitations, establishments, acquisitions and maintenance that was created by the colonial masters in other people’s territories. Most of the colonies had come from Europe and started colonizing countries in Africa, Asia and America. The end colonialism brought about a lot of socio-cultural evolutions in various countries in the world. It was mainly characterized by revolutions cause by coups and this lead the retreat of Europeans.

Europeans faced a lot of resistance from their colonies during colonization. These revolutions also sparked very cruel reactions and from the European powers. The Western imperial powers particularly the United Kingdom issued threats and this resulted in the use of power in order to take control of their colonies. The consistent determination from the colonies led to taking over control of their states through organized coups.

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After successful coups from the colonies, most of them consolidated the powers and control. Some of the discriminations that used to take place started to diminish slowly. The European forces had initiated a lot of racial discrimination and racial discrimination to the indigenous populations. The state of affairs made the colonialists withdraw and retreat. Apparently this is because they had been overpowered by their subjects.

The military is the organization that is taken through rigorous training sessions in a country to use a lot of force. The military is considered to be the most powerful institution in a nation. This is because they are in full control of the security status of a country. The military is very critical especially when an individual wants to take control of a politi9cal dynasty. Economic expansions by use of imperialism need a lot of social control that can easily be enhanced by military operations.

Israel-Palestine conflict began in the mid of 20th century. The struggle is sparked by the issues that surround the two countries over the control of resources like water rights and control over Jerusalem. The militaries of the two opponents are at the center of the battle. There have attempts to settle the differences between the two states but there has been no amicable solution to the underlying issues. There is always a lot of military action that has caused a lot of fatalities on both sides.

Nationalism describes loyalty of a person to a nation or to a certain group. Arabian nationalism encompasses the glory and freedom of the Arab culture. Arab nationalism also includes individuals who subscribe to and appreciate the way the Arabs conduct their affairs. It also includes strong attachment to the strong Arabic personalities and leaders.

Regionalism is the tendency of people to have strong loyalty to a certain region. These regions that attract regionalism can be divisions that are part of political autonomies. Existence of advocacy in political dynasties and systems can also bring nationalism. Loyalty of people towards a certain region is usually caused by certain common interests that make people develop a strong attachment to that place.

Socialism is the organization of the industrial and business orientations in a way that ownership is controlled by the prevalent government. Socialism opposes the possession of these business dynasties by individual people or private companies. It usually acts as a critical organizing force in affairs that relate to humanity and social wellbeing. The government is given full mandate to manage the organizations.

Islamism is a strong believe in the Islamic culture and religion. Islamists are individuals who are strongly attached to the Islamism way of doing their things. These individuals believe that political, social and personal life should be guided by Islam. Moral conservancy also characterizes the Islamic culture.

In conclusion, the moral social and personal lives depend on quite a number of issues. This believes are guided by cultures that exist in the society. These cultures have created very strong links among the people who subscribe to their ideologies. The cultures have created high levels of loyalty among their people to extent that they influence their personal life and behavior.

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