Causes Of Academic Failure In College

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Failing academically in college is a situation that many students have experienced. College students fail academically because of various reasons. Most of the reasons are mainly within the control of the students themselves. Considering that it is a major milestone when a young people join college, students fail academically because of poor performance. For many, joining college gives them new experience especially when they are away from home for a long period of time. In addition, being away implies that there is no any form of parental supervision and every individual is responsible for their decisions and actions. This is the period when most students fail academically in college because of lack of determination and preparedness, missing classes or poor attendance, and poor time management.

One main cause of academic failure in college students is caused the lack of determination and preparedness. The first year when students Join College is often regarded as a major year of transitioning from their previous life and adopt college life. Most students leave their home with much determination to join college and graduate with excellent performance. Despite the determination, students come across various college challenges that most of them were not prepared of for the first time such as balancing work with class work and other activities. Students are also not prepared to make many of their life decisions especially academic decisions independently. When students face such challenges, the level of determination begins to drop gradually as they transition to higher levels in college. Such challenges often overpower the decision making aspect of many students and they end up losing motivation. In other cases, some students are not mentally, academically, and emotionally prepared to succeed in college. Some of them lack the required motivation and work ethic to succeed academically in college. Lack of unpreparedness affects their academic performance in that some of the students face the emotional challenge of being on their own. This directly affects their performance academically leading to most of them performing poorly. However, most colleges provide personal counsellors for each student immediately they join college. The counsellors are responsible for providing guidance to students in balancing their academic work with challenges in their personal life.

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The second main cause of academic failure in college is due to poor attendance or missing classes. Academic experts and scholars have described failure to attend classes consistently as one of the surest ways of failing academically. There are various college that require a student to attend classes consistently. Moreover, most courses in many college include grading components such as pop quizzes, participation in in-class academic activities, and team projects as part of the course’s final grade. Students who fail academically tend to miss such grading components which in turn makes their grade to be very poor. However, the serious issues is that a student who misses classes will also miss the main concepts taught in class in several ways which will impact their performance or understanding of the course objective. Poor attendance in classes can result in missed tests and class projects, missed homework assignments, and missed study materials for the class. In addition, a student can miss important class discussion topics and content which may lead to the student performing poorly in class assignments and also on tests. Attending classes ensures maintains the academic activeness of a students since they are able to keep the pace with others altogether without anybody being left behind. In addition, a student can engage with the professor in a discussion by asking clarification on the topic is that they did not understand well.

The third main cause of academic failure in college is because of poor time management that leads to wastage of time and poor reading habits. Poor time management is one of the common causes of academic failure in college. It encompasses several related problems that can lead to academic failure. Poor time management is characterized by lack of schedule or time table, or poor planning of academic and non-academic activities while in college. For instance, students sometimes spend too much time playing games, handing out with their friends, and watching movies or television while disregarding the significant time that is requires for completing academic activities. Considering the typical need to balance coursework, jobs, extracurricular activities, and labs, lack of time plan can put students in a serious bind. Poor time management may result in students forgetting to do their class and home assignments. In some serious cases, students who is behind the deadline for submitting an assignment may be forced to plagiarize the paper in order to make up for the lack of effort and planning. Plagiarism is a serious offense in many universities and it may lead to the student failing academically. Poor time management is also a form of poor study habits that can lead to academic failure in college.

In a nutshell, the three main causes of academic failure in college include lack of determination and preparedness, missing classes or poor attendance, and poor time management. Lack of determination and preparedness students losing motivation as a result of the many unexpected challenges that they come across while in college and cannot cope with them independently. Poor attendance results in students missing class and homework assignments, and critical discussions in class. Poor time management is characterized by student spending more time in other activities while ignoring critical academic activities that require concentration and determination leading to academic fail.

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