Causes of Poor Collegiate Attendance

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Students go to college to get an education so that they may enter the professional world fully prepared. Why is it then, that so many college students elect to not attend, or “cut” classes? They are fully cognizant of the importance of attending class, but still, so many of them make a decision, whether conscious or unconscious, to skip classes. These students may call upon a plethora of reasons, some even logical, for why they do not attend their classes.

There are a host of reasons for not attending classes in college. One of the conscious reasons students may elect to skip a class is due to the content of the class. Perhaps the class is boring, difficult, or unrelated to the student’s major. In this case, a student may elect to skip a class from time to time, or he may take advantage of the attendance policy and skip the number of classes allowed. Another conscious reason a student may give for skipping a class is that he is failing anyway, so why even bother with attending. Once a student gets to this point, he does not see any validity in partaking in the class. One of the unconscious reasons for not attending class is oversleeping. By the time students enter college, their sleep patterns have changed in such a way that more sleep is required. Typically, in college, students are doing the opposite-getting much less sleep than they need. Therefore, some students may easily sleep through an alarm, if they even bother to set the alarm at all. Other reasons college students may elect to not attend class is because they have other plans, do not like the professor, or are suffering from a hangover.

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Whatever the reason college students choose for not attending classes, the consequences for not attending can affect the rest of their lives.

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