Chesapeake Bay Foundation

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As one of the oldest organizations in the United States, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) was founded in 1967. The bay is home to approximately seventeen million people who are spread across six states. The area of the bay is roughly 64,000 square miles. ‘Save the Bay’ is the mission of the habitats of The Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The efforts to save the bay have made significant achievements. This is because of the motivation and simplicity that lays in its mission. The bay is embedded on a vision that makes it its tributaries very important to the whole nation. This is the reason as to why the bay has received significant recognition from the nation as one of its reserves. Because of the important of the people who stay on the bay, it has to comply with the water quality protocols and standards so as to uphold integrity to its humanity. Therefore, the foundation has put tremendous efforts to ensure that intoxication programs are carried out on the water. The objective of the foundation is to create flexibility and stability in the bay through the creation of natural filters to both water and land so as to enhance the quality of terrestrial and aquatic life.

Eradication of all pollutants is the major aim of The Chesapeake Bay Foundation. This is through elimination of the major farm and industrial pollutants. Pollution from the industries is not very common in the bay. Therefore, CBF’s major concern is the elimination of the wastes from farming and domestic activities. The initiatives instituted by CBF do not stop pollution directly, but it contains programs that create awareness on the activities that can be used to save the bay. One of the strategies that has been laid to ensure that the initiative achieves its 2025 aims is by laying a clear working timeline. This was signed into operation in 2010. Restoration activities are key to CBF activities. This includes tree planting activities and creation of food and shelter for the oysters through planting underwater plants. This initiatives assist in restoration of the natural filters. The education system has also assisted in the restoration of the bay. This is through the initiation of programs that bring together schools from various states together to participate in the bay saving programs. Environmental conservation lessons are also being offered to the teachers and students. The community is also actively engaged in the environmental lessons by being facilitated to be involved in active cleaning sessions. CBF has actively engaged the legal avenue as one of the ways through which its initiatives can be achieved. This through courtroom engagements with the litigation departments. One of the success signals from the court include the case that was filed against Sparrow Pont Pollution that successfully assisted in stopping pollution from the industries into the bay and its branches in Maryland. Another of lawsuit engagement includes when the CBF challenged the offshore water treatment activities where they forced the Sparrows to test the environmental side effect of the activities. Another court case is the one that the CBF has asked the court to disregard the petition that is opposing their scientific conservation activities.

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Estimation of the number of workers who work for CBF is very difficult. This is because most of the people who are engaged in their activities include well-wishers and volunteers who work in session sessions. However, CBF has functional departments in which it hires skilled and specialized personnel to offer their services. Some of the departments include Finance, Education, Environmental Restoration, Communication and Development.

As per the financial year ending in 1st of June, 2012, CBF’s assets are worth $78,145,995. This is according to its annual report that was released on 12th October, 2012. Membership contributions, gifts, grants, contributions from well-wishers and investment revenues are the main financial sources for the CBF.

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