Civil Engineering

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Civil engineering is an engineering discipline that involves dealing with the design, planning, construction and maintenance of projects such as roads, railways, airports, buildings, bridges, canals, dams and schemes of water supply. Civil engineers do the planning and the design of the structures in consideration by use of design software, maintain construction projects by repairing and replacement of both private and public infrastructures. Engineers also provides the material or labor costings when determining the project’s economic feasibility. It has various sub-disciplines including the following; structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, construction engineering, wastewater engineering, water resources engineering and construction surveying to mention a few.

I chose to major on civil engineering because I want to be a part of engineers who can contribute to national development through extensive construction of buildings and infrastructure in future. This dream dates back also to my younger ages that I was a bright and a passionate student in both mathematics and physics. Following engineering is like following my passion in these subjects. Luckily, I come from a neighborhood where engineers are celebrated. My immediate neighbor is a construction engineer and another is a certified electrical engineer. From this supportive environment, I obtained my interest in civil engineering at large as a way of following in their footsteps and chasing my childhood ambitions as talking to them motivated me day by day.

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In this profession, I am interested with specializing on structural engineering. This field is majorly mathematical and deals with framework design and analysis for bridges, buildings and pipeline. The framework designs deal with components such as beams, foundations, floors and columns to ensure the whole structure is structurally sound. I plan to specialize further with design software like AutoCAD, RISA, PROKON and STAAD. After graduating, I will work for companies which need a specialist in analysis using these computer programs.

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