Climate Change and Allergies

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The topic of this paper is the affect of climate change on allergic diseases and allergens. The anticipated impact of climate change on public health is mostly negative. According to Katelairs and Beggs (2018), climate change is the biggest global health threat of this century. Climate change affects biological and human systems, including human health.

In terms of the current status of the topic, people have allergic diseases when they are exposed to pollen during the pollen season or fungi during flooding. D’Amato et al. (2017) also argue that the increasing trend in allergic respiratory disease and bronchial asthma was caused by the rising presence of allergens associated with climate change. In the future, Katelairs and Beggs (2018) argue that climate change will result in increased pollen production and allergenicity in some plant species. In addition, people have allergic diseases due to extreme events, such as thunderstorms and tropical cyclones. Climate change increases the number of such extreme events increasing allergic diseases. For example, Katelairs and Beggs (2018) argue that the flooding caused by tropical cyclones will increase mold growth in damp homes, making humans more subject to allergic diseases, such as asthma.

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The expected impact of climate change will be particularly significant in populations where the prevalence of allergic diseases is already high or increasing. Health care must adjust to meet the demands and decrease health threats. Katelairs and Beggs (2018) suggest implementation adoption strategies and mitigating greenhouse gas as well as enhancing environmental monitoring, health surveillance and forward planning for the medical workforce. D’Amato et al. (2017) also recommend using adaptation strategies until global emissions continue to increase.

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  • Katelairs, C. H., & Beggs, P. J. (2018). Climate change: allergens and allergic diseases. International Medical Journal, 48(2), 129-134, doi: 10.1111/imj.13699.

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