Climate Change

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Climate change is the change in the determinants of climate over a very long period. Climate change does take due place long-lasting weather patterns change. The change must for instance be because of human activities (Lindzen, 2017). Global warming on the other hand is one the determinants of climate change which is usually associated with a rise in the global temperatures. Global warming is mostly as a result of the increased greenhouse gases concentrations in the atmosphere. The aspects of global warming and climate change are associated with very serious environmental impacts. The rising temperature for instance will result in some regions experiencing tremendous amounts of heat while other regions being very cool.

Global climate change has attracted lots of debate. Some people believe that climate change is actually happening while some have gone to great lengths to oppose their argument. For instance, some scientists believe that there is no empirical evidence of global warming. According to them, the evidence has ever been there and it will never come be there. The reasoning behind their argument is that there is no one global temperature. Therefore, there isn’t a way to know whether these global temperatures are rising. The annual-to-annual variations in global temperatures are very large given that globe is constantly going through ever-changing conditions of warming and cooling. These scientist term the condition as a flux, which can never be taken as global temperatures.

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On the contrary the larger major believe that global warming is occurring. These proponents believe that climate change is real. They believe that that over the last 650, 000 years the earth has been facing a number of glacial advancements. They believe that the ice age ended 7000 years ago ushering a new era of the modern climate. The modern era is associated with increased human civilization.

For my research, I will base it on past data and wide reading. I have to find evidence based on the following aspects, which I think say a lot concerning the aspect of climate change.

The sea level
The rise or fall in the sea level most probably has something that concerns the aspect of climate. I will collect data for the past centuries. From the data, a rise, fall, or the level remaining constant will lead to some deductions.

Global temperatures
I believe that the planet’s average temperature has a lot to do with the current climate situation. I will look for the data for the past 50 years. The temperature trends these past years will depict something that will lead me to making some conclusions.

Glacial trends
Glaciers are mostly found on top of mountains. Their disappearance means a lot. Therefore, I will find the information concerning these glaciers their sizes over the years. Evidences of glacial retreat will have a direct relationship on the global climate change.

Ocean acidification
The acidity of the water tells a lot about what is happening in the world. Any increase in the results means that acidity levels definitely have something to do with carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. The increased industrial revolution that has been rising since the 18th century might increase the amounts of carbon dioxide being absorbed by the oceans.

From my own point of view, I believe that global climate change is real. My reasoning is based on a number of factors that have been taking place. For instance over the based years the United States of America has been experiencing increased number of extreme events (Jastrow et al, 2016). Record high temperature levels being recorded have also been increasing whereas instances of record low temperature have decreasing significantly.

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