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Riordan Manufacturing is undergoing changes to the company’s customer management system, and the company has expressed a desire for one formal system to manage customer information. Traditionally, they have left it up to individual employees, which has led to chaos and disorganization. To help implement this system, we must come up with a communications strategy.

The first strategy will be to announce it to the employees. This will be best done with an email, anouncing the changes, which will ensure that everyone will receive the information. Another reason to send it out by email is that the information will be in writing, so there won’t be any misunderstanding of what is said. The second step will be to hold at least one, if not more initial group meetings with the employees, depending on their availability. These meetings can be used to explain to them the reasons why Riordan will have one system, and will allow them to ask any questions. Also at this meeting will be an announcement of scheduled training sessions on the new system. This way, employees will be able to learn the new system, step by step, at their own pace. Finally, there will be one more email sent out, reiterating the changes, and inviting any employee to meet with their supervisor if they have any questions.

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Potential barriers to this plan are that employees may not understand why the changes are taking place. The email and meetings should explain that it is designed so that everyone is on the same page. By having these meetings, employees should feel free to express themselves, so they can be comfortable with the change.

The message should be that the changes are necessary, but that employees should not be concerned by the changes. When changes are announced, sometimes people can feel uncomfortable because their methods are changing or nervous about learning new things. Another message should be that input is welcome. Employees should be encouraged to express themselves, and to share ideas. If their ideas are workable, they should be publically praised by email and rewarded in some fashion, such as a raise, or a paid day off, for helping to contribute to the system changes. These forms of communication should be welcoming, to make the employees feel relaxed and happy about the new system, instead of resentful.

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