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The technological needs of a Pizza company to implement the use of computerized system in its day to day operations would initially require the conduction of a research and documentation of findings to aid in performing a requirements analysis of the Pizza Company. The project entails the identification of the customer needs and expectations of the projected proposed system. As a system designer and developer, one needs to look into the web based system application of both the hardware and software and its operation on both sides of the client and server side.

The web server hardware and software are expected to keep up with customer increase allocation of the system disk memory, thus it has to possess a virtually big database storage space. Additionally, the software system ought to offer a visually appealing interface for its clients so as to compel them to visit and use the system more often. The system algorithm will be time based and sequential in simulation, in that, clients would be served on a first come based series. It would be optimized for use on smartphones and tablets through customized and downloadable applications.

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The hardware web requirements involve a fast hard drive with a high clocking rate for a MySQL database to reside and additionally the support of a good network. A Pentium 4 CPU of 2.0 GHz and above would do with a minimum disk space of 2 Gigabytes. The RAM – random access system memory on the other hand is expected not to be lower than 1 gigabyte. The minimum required network speed to suffice this project would be between the bandwidth of 10 – 100 Mbps both on Local Area Network (LAN), which will exist within all the respective business premises and Wireless Network which can be used by visiting clients or customers. For instance, a client within a Pizza store can use the Wi-Fi to process an order they made.

Other hardware equipment required include the switch or hub to be used to support premises connections, a wireless access point or optional hardware like touch screen point of sale systems connected to the network that clients would use while at the premises for ordering. The client side only requires a processing device and interface application which would be based on a computer browser like Firefox or internet explorer or a smartphone.

Hosting the web based system application on service provided hosting platform would be a smart and great way of ensuring the system is usually up and running with redundant layers of system backups for the system information and data, for example, client private information. Google servers are consistent and reliable with little or no downtime. Self-hosting requires the purchase of a server and constant computer network administration expertise for maintenance and constant network system upgrades which can prove to be quite expensive.

The key elements required for the system well programed arrays and algorithms integrated with an application programmable interface (API) having a high level of encryption security, for example SSH (Secure Shell) cryptography network protocol to document and secure various transactions performed by clients. The windows server 2008 and above would be appropriate and the windows 7 ultimate series would do on the end user devices. The database on the other hand requires organization via storage of various data types including lists of employees, Pizza types, orders, payroll and all the transaction history. MySQL offers all the requisite properties by proving relational data storage and ability of access through administrational queries.

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