Computer Forensics Investigation

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In the modern world, computers have become a core component of the business process. The success of any businesses, such as Target Corporation, depends on the secure use of its computers and data protection systems. However, when external unauthorized access is made to a company’s computer system, valuable data from the business process may be in jeopardy. Therefore, companies ought to employ incident response teams that ensure the security events are handled in an effective manner (Ruefle et al., 2014). The role of the incident response team in a security situation is to find the best way forward to deal with the negative effect of the security incident on all aspects of the business. The incident response team often includes personnel from IT, legal, human resources, and other sectors of the company to gain a full perspective on how to mitigate the adverse effects of the attack.

Target Corporation may face a breach of security to their data through a cyber-attack. The incident response team ought to respond by performing the following activities. First, the incident response team should assess the damage done. Secondly, the response team ought to invite computer forensic investigators to perform professional tasks towards tracing the identity of the attacker. Third, the forensic experts ought to provide the company with an analysis of their findings for them to take more precautionary measures against future attacks and to deal with issues regarding the current attack in a legal manner.

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The intrusion can lead to illegal access to significant company information. Computer forensic investigations are very specific and detailed (Steinke et al., 2015). Evidence gained from the investigation is suitable for use in the court of law. However, the company carries liability when it has neglected to sufficiently protect their computer systems, thus, placing significant personal customer information at risk. The customers can sue the company on the ground of neglect. Otherwise, necessary steps ought to be taken from different angles to ensure information concerning all process of the company’s business is secured.

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