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I went to a local venue on the outskirts of Pasadena. I was with my family and we went in order for me to do my project. The band that was playing was a rock band, and they were playing in a park. The concert was about 1 hour and 45 minutes long, and they played a lot of hard rock and contemporary rock. I think that this was a good combo because it seems to me as if this is a good way to entice both an older and younger audience.

Also, it had a ton of comparable tones and vibes that one would hear in most shake melodies. I tune in to ACDC and Metallica a considerable measure, so I unquestionably could get these sounds that originated from this execution. I trust that I learned a ton about setting in a melodic setting. In addition, I feel like these musical gangs are extremely gifted in that they are at last ready to go into these settings and concoct approaches to engage a group (a large number of whom in it are smashed). I surmise this is unquestionably a social marvel where musical gangs go into boisterous bars and perform to an exceptionally rambunctious gathering of people. I think this has been going on for a long time and we have been seeing things like this since the 1800s. In any case, the class of music have fluctuated from period to period. For instance, for the main portion of the 1900s it was jazz that truly led in the bars. Besides, amid this time (1900 to 1950) individuals were frequently feeling the blues, and maybe this why jazz fit so well in these bars. Notwithstanding, amid a period of thriving in this day and age we saw music that was more cheery and had a more joyful tone. Today, we don’t generally consider financial aspects to be a factor for what kind of music individuals tune in to at bars. As far as I can tell, the most famous music in bars today is basically shake and electronic music.

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The group, while raucous, did not act in a way that was perilous. Additionally, there were only a great deal of alcoholic individuals who did not mind how they acted, which sort of powered the raucousness of the group. There were others, such as myself, who went there to just appreciate the climate. Besides, I feel that music like this permits in excess of one sort of individual to go to a scene since it appears to be casual and inviting. The tone of the music was untidy and bass based. I imagine this enables individuals to lose all sense of direction in the music and maybe be less attentive of their environment. Shake music is certainly truly adept at getting individuals in the zone and stepping their feet so as to stay aware of the mood. In addition, I feel like many individuals are at last attempting to be fit in with the group, and this fills the mindset that we see with the group.

I feel that the greatest takeaway of my visit here was the social effect gained from bars and music. Without music, bars would not be as cheery or casual; I feel this is an extraordinary case of how music enables individuals to disentangle and turn out to be less mindful of what they look like out in the open or how they act out in the open. For me, I surely lost some feeling of how I was going about as I tuned in to the music.

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