Convention of the United States

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Historically, Convention of the United States took place on September 17, 1787, in Pennsylvania. Even though the main goal was to revise the Articles of Confederation, the ultimate goal reached concerned the creation of the Constitution of the United States, which marked the Convention as one of the most important events in the whole history of the United States. To make this meeting more productive, several compromises were reached such as Connecticut Compromise, Three-Fifth Compromise as well as Slave-Trade Compromise. I will briefly explain what each of those compromises meant.

Connecticut Compromise was strongly supported by Roger Sherman who was originally from Connecticut. The compromise itself was reached on June 11. The compromise mainly concerned the elections to the Senate as Roger Sherman was a strong proponent of a two-house system to keep a balance and provide equal representation for all states. His plan was to have a Senate as one of the governmental bodies, where each state will have one vote. Initially, the plan has failed but then was supported.

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A three-fifth compromise was no less important debate. It was linked to the question of slavery, as the debate was about taxation and legal representation of each state in the House. Thus, the compromise reached gives a right for representation of each state on an equal basis, based on its population. In other words, a number of congressmen would be determined based on the population of each state.

Slavery was also a really controversial issue to discuss during the US Convention, given that 55 delegates to the Convention owned slaves. That is why the main discussion forged concerned whether the new Constitution would provide the right to own slaves. And the compromise reached provides that the Constitution should prohibit the states from being a part of the international slave trade.

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