Counselling Same Sex Couples

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The differences between same sex couples and man and woman experience could involve the fact that, the latter can experience unplanned pregnancy while same sex couples may not experience societal pressure on having children. Lesbians and gay men married mostly both the desire and intention of becoming parents. Lesbians and gay men face many barriers to parenthood. There still exist extensive discriminatory attitudes towards them, and some marry different-sex partners to conform to societal expectations. Some legal barriers still exist in some jurisdictions for adoption and foster care for the gay men and lesbians.

Interracial/same race
Lesbians and gay men are more open to adoption of children between racial lines compared to other heterosexual couples. Same sex couples mostly adopt across these racial lines when there is a like hood they live in an interracial family compared to adoptive heterosexual parents. Younger gay men record highest statistics of having interracial families than the older gay fathers. The white or Caucasian are the majority of adoptive parents, while the children available for adoption belong to the minor racial groups. Therefore, if adoption could become the route to family formation among the same sex couples, it would result to interracial households.

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Higher/lower socioeconomic status
Equal salary leads to higher possibility of break-ups between the lesbians and gay men, as compared to heterosexual couples where equal earnings reduce that likelihood. Same-sex couples do report higher relationship qualities when both of them are receiving equal earnings. Therefore, equal salaries are a prediction of whether previously non-cohabiting homogenous couples will enter into marriage or not.

I would recommend the same sex partners to get married when they are ready to cope with each other and not on financial, racial, or social factors. Adoption of a child is a sensitive matter and therefore these couples, given they are of the similar sex they should be ready to take of the baby together.

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