Homosexuality And Gay Rights

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Homosexuality has become a much-debated topic. Though the issue isn’t a new one – after all, homosexuality has been around for a very long time – but the world is on the cusp of actually changing things for homosexual people. (Time Magazine Online). After all, the U.S. now has a president that actively supports gay marriage. Furthermore, more states are approving gay rights, and several other countries are getting better about the issue as well. (The Guardian). However, several religious groups and political parties are against granting homosexual people equal rights. This is, quite frankly, a bigoted point of view, and it actively hurts homosexual people.

There are a number of reasons to support the rights of homosexual people. For example, it can help to benefit equality for women, according to the AAUW. (American Association of University Women). Furthermore, supporting the rights of adult homosexual people can also help LGBTQA children who suffer from fear, depression, and harassment because of who they are. (American Civil Liberties Union). The Huffington Post states that supporting gay rights could improve the economy, as research shows people spend more money if they are married. (The Huffington Post). Another article suggests that passing gay marriage would even help to stabilize the nation overall, as a good portion of the popular is in fact gay. However, the biggest and most compelling reason to support gay rights is the simple fact that homosexual people are people, and therefore they deserve the same rights as anyone else. They deserve civil rights because they are people, and ultimately it is as simple as that. (About Religion).

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Thankfully, things are slowly getting better. In addition to states granting the right to gay marriage, many religious organizations have also started to accept gay people. As shown on The Guardian website, the U.S. Presbyterian Church is close to accepting same-sex marriage, and the same is true for many other Christian religions. (The Guardian). That being said, it is important to note that same-sex marriage isn’t the only gay rights issue. After all, gay people are subject to discrimination in the workplace, from their families, and are often the victims of hate crimes. Though things are getting better, there is still a long way to go. Living as a member of the LGBTQA community can be downright dangerous, according to Civilrights.org: “Hate crimes committed against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and/or transgendered individuals constitute the third-highest category of hate crimes reported to the FBI — 14% of all hate crimes reported nationally, according to the Human Rights Campaign.” (Civilrights.org). Furthermore, recently a bill passed in Indiana that set back gay rights quite a bit. Essentially, the law prohibits laws that “substantially burden” a person’s ability to follow their religious beliefs. Unfortunately, this law can easily be used to allow for discrimination. After all, if a person claims that giving gay people equal rights goes against their religious beliefs, then the state can continue to support inequality. (The Guardian).

The rights of homosexual people have come a long way in the United States, but it is important to remember the fight isn’t over. Gay people are people, and they deserve the same unalienable rights as other citizens.

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