Descriptive Essay ‘ Woman In The Shop

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I don’t want to be rude, but I can’t help looking over at that woman in the coffee shop, again and again. There’s no reason for this fascination. She’s no different than anyone else here. Laptop open, latte on the little table, ordinary, middle-aged lady, dressed casually and normally. There’s a muffin on a plate and she picks at it with one hand. Her expression changes as she ‘ I assume ‘ is replying to an email. Still, there’s something there and my mind goes to a poem line I recall: what is it, what is it, I almost remember?

Then, finally, I remember, or at least connect the dots. It’s her energy. It’s the exact way she’s sitting at that table and leaning into the computer, and not looking at the muffin while picking at it. There’s a focus there I’ve seen before. It’s not obsession or extreme. It’s exactly right, the perfect reality of deep interest coming from someone grounded and strong enough to be deeply interested in something without losing any part of herself in the process. I wonder: why would this be unusual? I have no answer, but I still know that it is unusual. Long ago, I was telling an aunt about my feelings in a spontaneous conversation on my parents’ couch. It just happened, even though we’d never been close.

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But I remember the trajectory, and how the first things I said triggered the same energy I’m seeing in this stranger. There was the posture of interest coming from confidence, the caring from someone so sure of herself, she could take in what another needed to say. No, my aunt had no muffin or laptop. But now, as happened then, I know I will walk away feeling that there is hope in a world where there are people, or moments from people, revealing the perfectly right ways that human connections can occur.

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