Discrimination Experience

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There are various factors which enhance job recruitment and career development. One factor may be internal recruitment which motivates employees and inspires them to work harder. This helps create a culture of employee engagement. Similarly, corporate branding can also be used by companies to set themselves apart from the competition and increase their appeal to prospective employees.

Performance appraisals can be used to identify talented employees which are then guided in terms of career development within the organization. The organizations can also survey employees or create charts that identify their unique skills and strengths. The information then can be used to match the employees with the positions best suited to their skills and strengths .

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I consider myself an open-minded individual but at the same time my Christian faith is also important to me and forms part of my identity. Last summer, I took a job at Taco Bell in order to earn some funds for educational expenses. After a while, some co-workers came to know about the fact that my faith is important to me. Two of my co-workers were non-religious and had great animosity towards organized religion. They would often joke about Jesus as well as church priests in my presence which would make me uncomfortable and create hostile work environment for me.

I even requested them to respect my belief system but they would cite freedom of speech in their defense. I eventually talked to the manager and he called a meeting in which he reminded everyone of workplace policy regarding employee harassment without specifically mentioning anyone by name. This really impressed me because first of all, the manager took swift action and second, he reminded everyone of the importance of creating an accommodating environment without pointing fingers which was an effective way of getting across the point.

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