Diversity FAQ

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In your own words, what does diversity mean to you? How did you first begin to discover diversity in your life? In what areas of your life do you find the most diversity? The least diversity?

Diversity is created by individuals and communities from different demographics. Diversity refers to many types of cultures, religions, beliefs ethnicities, physical abilities, socio-economic states sexual orientation, races, and age. Diversity includes understanding and respecting human cultures and the natural environment. Diversity also involves interaction among the different people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. After I came to the USA, I explored how diversity in culture and language impact my academic environment. I met with many classmates’ roommates from many countries such as China, Korea, Brazil, Germany and Spain. Then I discovered the big difference between us and them then I felt what diversity meant. Race and religion are the most areas in I find to be most diversify. Socio-economic has been my least area I find diversity. However, I have enjoyed the opportunity to interact with many people from various diversities defined by culture, race, religion and others.

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Complete the Cultural Intelligence self-assessment located at the following link. http://www.buildingcq.com/sampleassessment.htm. After completing the self-assessment, please list 3 goals that you would like to explore during this course. The goals should be related to broadening your understanding of diversity, growing relationships with diverse populations and/or improving practices in the workplace related to diversity. In addition, the goals need to be specific and measurable.

I plan to create a company when I go back home. My goals from this course are:
To understand someone from another culture when I meet her/him for the first time.
To learn to engage in outreach with local diversity organizations.
Learn how diversity training for a manager and employees.
Understand the beliefs, behaviors and character of people from another culture.
Understand how to run a company comprised of employees from diverse backgrounds.

As a leader, why do you feel that diversity is an important topic that needs to be an important part of today’s workplace? What does Bucher (2010) have to say about that? What is your generation doing to promote and/or support diversity in the workplace?
An understanding of diversity helps an organization embrace people from different age groups ethnicities, genders, races, sexual orientations, and religious affiliations. Diversity is a huge key to success for organizations and businesses. Understanding diversity also helps to accommodate views and suggestion of employees from different perspectives. It gives them different ideas and helps them make innovations for people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Diversity is important for removing obstacles. Diversity training helps organizations to develop strategic plans for the workplace and the community. Bucher claims that employees who receive diversity training are better able to communicate and have positive interpersonal skills. He also says that employees are more able to accomplish their goals if they are flexible and adaptable.

They can operate with many other organizations and as a team members in groups. Employees with effective cultural diversity training can understand the differences and similarities of different clients. Finally, employees with self-evaluation skills are able to challenge themselves and identify their limitations. Our generation is promoting and supporting diversity in our organizations. We support innovative programs, creative cultures, and respectful work environments. We act with integrity with people from many types of cultures, religions, beliefs, ethnicities, physical abilities, socio-economic states, sexual orientation, races, and age. Understanding diversity is important for a manager managing a multi-national company or organization. Understanding of diversity helps them to coordinate and integrate business process in the company by controlling the activities of employees based on their diversity.

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