The Analysis Of Workplace Diversity

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What is the organization and how do they market themselves as a company that values diversity?

The organization that has been chosen for the focus of this question is the Target Corporation. The Target Corporation prides itself on being an organization that values diversity. This is exhibited via engagement in the communities in which stores exist via innovative programs, volunteerism and sponsorships. The company has established partnerships with organizations such as UNCF, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and Family equality Council. Efforts are made to hire diverse employees via the sponsoring of conferences and careers fairs hosted by organizations such as Management Leadership for Tomorrow, the National Society of Hispanic MBA, the National Black MBA Association, Reaching Out MBA, and many others (Target, 2015a).

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What type of diversity programs and activities do they use?
Aside from the aforementioned cooperative efforts, Target also employs other means of promoting diversity via diversity programs and activities. Examples of the types of programs that the company has are the Diversity and Inclusion Business Councils. These councils provide a number of services such as professional development opportunities, networking opportunities and even onboarding opportunities for team members. There are six councils that represent six ethnic groups. They are African American; Asian American; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally; Hispanic; Military; and Women (Target, 2015b). The company also enlists other organizations to partner with them in promoting workplace diversity via their Partners Online initiative.

Is this an organization you would be interested in working for? Why or why not?
The Target Corporation is an organization that I would be interested in working for. The organization seems to truly value, promote, and embody diversity in everything that it does. It takes its value of diversity beyond its own walls and demonstrates its importance even within the communities that it serves. The value that Target places on diversity is more than a gimmick created to attract consumers. It appears to be as actual element of the framework of the organization. Working in a diverse organization is important to me because diversity allows for an environment where different talents can come together to innovatively accomplish a common goal (Stanford GSB Staff, 1999). This can be a very fun and interesting way to remain competitive and profitable in modern business.

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