Effects of Mass Media

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Mass media is very dynamic. This is because of is one of the entities that is subjected to massive transformation over time. This is because mass media is very crucial towards promoting communication and connecting the people around the world. Therefore, mass media is very close to the societal structures and cultures across the world (Peter, 2010). The United States is very rich in various cultures. These cultures are very influential towards directing the changes that are experienced in mass media. Globalization is also one of the factors that has led to massive realignment in the mass media.

In the last century, mass media has undergone a lot of development. At the beginning of the century magazines and newspapers were the most common sources of mass media. In the advent of 1940’s they were joined by the use of radio as another source of information (Buzzle, 2014). Mass media underwent big strides in the 1950’s and this led to the emergence of the television as one of the ways of reaching the masses. In 1960s there was the introduction of the satellite transmission system. This opened man y avenues because people could access news from the whole world. This then led to the emergence of very many forms of media. This includes the use of computers, mobile phones and the internet. The growth and development of the mass media has been motivated by the need to adopt the new technologies to enhance the speed and efficiency of transmissions.

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The evolution of mass media in the last century was very crucial towards shaping the American culture. This is because the changes that have been experienced over the years have facilitated the union and the collaboration of very many people across the world. Initially, communication among the American cultures was promoted through oral means. This has been transformed massively and the cultural orientations have shifted along the same course. The emergency of radio and television technology lead to acquisition of various forms of information and led to an improvement in the manner which communication was enhanced in the society. The use of satellite technology, mobile phones, computers and internet opened up America to the rest of the world. This led to infiltration of various cultures from across the world into the people of America. These was the major cause of international cultural convergence in the United States (Peter, 2010). Therefore, this enriched the American culture significantly. This is because the advancement in the technology in mass media led to massive enlightenment among the America and thus acquisition of sufficient information in the society.

Media convergence describes the bringing together and merging content from various types of media. This can also referred to as the presence of various types of media or sources of information that is facilitated by one outlet. This gives the readers the options of getting various contents from just a single source. One of the most realistic and practical example today is the availability of magazines over the internet (Peter, 2010). These can be accessed by the use of computers or mobile phones. Various types of mobile accessories are also fitted with radios and television applications.

Media convergence has led to transformation of the daily lives of human beings as far as mass media is concerned. This is because this has brought a lot of convenience in the acquisition of various types of information. This has also led to saving a lot of resources. This is because when various forms of media are combined in one device, utility of resources that are used to avail the other forms of media can be avoided. This has also led to the increase in the quality and accuracy of the information acquired. This is because individuals are able to make comparisons of the information in various forms of media. This is very crucial towards the elimination of the inconsistencies in information (Peter, 2010).

In conclusion, media literacy is very important in the consumption of media information. This is because it can assist in promoting continuity among various forms of media. This is also very important in removing the errors that are related to the interpretation of media content. Therefore, literacy media literacy is also one of the most practical and realistic ways through which the culture of responsible media consumption can be promoted among the consumers.

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