Ethical Dilemmas Answers

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Do we have a moral responsibility to the less fortunate?
Everyone has a moral responsibility to the less fortunate. This is because society is only great, based upon helping these individuals to learn to support themselves and have the skills necessary to sustain a comfortable standard of living. In many cases, the less fortunate will often look at the situation in their environment and feel as if no cares about them. When this happens, they will engage in activities that are illegal and make societal problems even worse. If caring people reach out to them, they will have more resources and support to overcome these challenges. This is when they will make the right choice to sustain them and those they care about. (Chaffe, 2012)

Is it wrong to kill someone in self defense?
It is not wrong to kill someone in self defense. This is because they are threatening the other person with bodily harm and could inflict dramatic long term physical / emotional damage on them. In order to protect themselves, they must comprise their values to rid the world of someone who does not care about social norms / customs. Those who are direct threat to them must be eliminated without any hesitation or consequences for their actions. (Chaffe, 2012)

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Is it wrong to ridicule someone, even if you believe it is in good fun?
Yes. It is wrong to ridicule someone. This is because the words and ideas will hurt their ego / identity of who they are. At the same time, it is showing that you do not care and are willing to do whatever is necessary to hurt their feelings. This will create animosity against those who are doing the teasing (even though it may only be a joke). However, they do not see it that way and will feel as if this is taking place at their expense. When this happens, their quality of life and the relationship with the other person will deteriorate. To prevent this, requires taking their feelings into account and understanding how this will impact them. (Chaffe, 2012)

  • Chaffe, J. (2012). Thinking Critically. Boston, MA: Wadsworth.

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