European Modern Art

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Primitivism is defined as the fascination adopted by early modern artists in Europe to describe a belief system of unsophisticated life that is not affected by objectivism. Pablo Picasso is one of the most critical figures of the twentieth century focusing on arts. Throughout his profession, he created more than twenty thousand sculptures, paintings, ceramics, and drawings. One of his famous works is The Brothel of Avignon, which embodies Picasso’s rebellion. He utilizes the artistic work to destroy the Western ideals associated with beauty, and further dismiss the concepts linked to the Renaissance.

The social and political roots of the work are closely related to the rise of Cubism. In fact, the painting was done in a ruptured way, which signified rupture moments in the 19th century. Further, Cubism evolved upon early activists realizing that conventional strategies were more important than the representation that involved imitation. In other words, the notion of the artist when creating the work was that style could be likened to a form of masks that an individual can wear at will; thus, there were no reasons to adhere to the rules of unity in society.

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Paul Gauguin was a leading French painter that had a significant impact on Primitivism. One of his famous works is the Vision after the Sermon, which demonstrates a departure from Impressionism that was prevalent in the U.S and Europe. The artistic work’s concept had roots in political and social changes. The idea of painting a religious person was suggestive of the traditions associated with Renaissance.

The painting showed that the world was changing and nations were competing concerning ideals; for example, Impressionism and Renaissance. The bold outlines and colored areas are utilized to suggest specific changes in the politics and societies. Notably, the ideals of the artist were important in influencing other artists to accomplish their works.

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