Expert Systems in Sociology

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Expert systems as defined by Giddens in trying g to reveal the influence of modernity in our lives today are computer programs which simulate the judgment and behavior of humans. He gave another definition to be an organization that has expert knowledge or experience in a particular field. Experts systems are classified according to how they perform and what activities they perform. The ones that influence my life are: interpretation, prediction, instruction and repair systems. The interpretation expert systems are those that have the ability to analyze data sets in given situations and this is to determine their significance or usefulness to my life demands.

Prediction expert systems use a certain method to guess the possible outcomes of observed situations. These experts provide the probability factors and are often used in weather forecasting. Instructional expert systems are those which provide individualized training instructions to people. Repair expert systems are those which define repair strategies such as in diagnosing the existing problem in one’s life after suggesting the problem, the system then repairs the item. The repair plan typically contains a agenda configuration and some control structure to corroborate the repair process.

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The abilities of the expert systems to predict and present accurate information on various life phenomena have increased trust in me. The effects of any activities in the given fields can be predicted. Some of the happenings a in the ancient or traditional setting can be expected to happen. The trust for humans goes down. This is based on the fact that humans may be guided by emotions to get an answer to certain critical instance. The accuracy in the expert systems has reduced the trust for fellow humans. The overdependence on the expert systems creates dysfunctional of other sources as service like messenger. They are at times not efficient and unreliable, more in the case of rain face and evening.

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