Financial Crisis in Greece

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The financial crisis in Greece is the process, which has been defining my homeland for more than ten years now and is bound to keep on being one of the most important factors for the country and its people in the foreseeable future.

The crises appeared, if one is to explain in simple terms, because the government spent too much using the money that were not factually in its disposal. Numerous efforts were spent on Olympic Games of 2004. Numerous pay-rises were introduced for public workers and projects. When the cash well dried up, the means to return to the normal course became extremely unpopular: freeze on public sector payments, raising the tax in numerous sphere and cutting pensions – all this contributed to immense public outcry and displeasure, and, therefore, protests.

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I humbly believe that I could learn at the American University from American experience. The United States had to face the consequences of living on borrowed time/money after the roaring twenties. Greece is in the middle of almost identical situation. We have an enormous debt to numerous EU countries – more than 100 billion Euros. Using my education and positive experience gained in our international student society, I hope that in time I will be useful for my country with my attempts to help find the cure for its financial affliction. As for the use for the American University community, I am sure that my cultural background and knowledge of my country could prove interesting and valuable in numerous instances.

It remains to be seen whether I will be able to find the cure for the country. It is not likely that I will be able to do so singlehandedly, but my duty is to try my best: use educational opportunities from American University and implement them at further stages of my life.

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