Find My Pet Campaign

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It is a legal requirement in the UK that all dogs be microchipped in order to allow for easy identification. A dog owner who does not microchip the pet risks being fined £500 (Gov.UK, 2016). The first objective of this campaign is to ensure that pets are easily identifiable and that owners are responsible for taking care of their pets. The registered information of a pet is stored in an online database and the pet owner is responsible for ensuring that the details in this database are accurate. The campaign will desire to maintain high quality chips in order to reduce the number of faulty products. In addition, the company will seek to increase supply with increasing demand.

The other objective is to reduce the unnecessary killings or elimination of pets. This is because the campaign helps in improving identification of pets thereby reducing the number of homeless or abandoned animals. The other objective of the campaign is to reduce theft of pets. There are instances when pets may be stolen and in such an instance the microchip and the app can help the owner locate the position of the pet. This helps the law enforcement agencies to apprehend any person engaged in stealing of pets (Knowthis.com, 2018). The above objectives will help develop a long-term strategy for the growth and sustainability of the organization. The campaign will help improve the competitive advantage of the company and ensure that it can develop products and services that can meet the diverse needs of its customers.

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The campaign will first involve having a fun day every Sunday for a month across England. The fun day will take place in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Wales. The fun day is an informative event that will give pet owners an insight into the company. The fun day will also let pet owners bond and interact with one another and share their experiences. Some of the activities that will be taking place during this day include information sessions, music, treats among other activities for pet owners and the pets. The company will organize and have Cesar Millan come to help the owners train the pets. Cesar Millan has more than 25 years in managing pets and this experience will be important in improving relations between pets and their owners. In addition, the company will have a pet chef come and make custom treats. The pet chef will inform the pet owners of the menu options available to the dogs based on their breeds and age. This information is important for the proper nourishment of the pets. In order to improve relations between attendees and the company, the attendees will receive a 20% discount for their GPS microchip. The company believes that this will encourage many attendees to purchase the microchips thereby ensure that the objectives of the campaign are achieved. There will be bags for RSVP guests. In addition, guests will be encouraged to come with their neighbors, friends, colleagues and family members. This is designed to increase the number of attendees to the event (Barrington, 2017).

The campaign will be developed and run in different platforms. The first is the company’s website where there will be video content explaining the product, its benefits and procedure. The message of safety of the pets will be trumpeted to the audience. The other media is reaching out to pet bloggers, Facebook famous pets, Shorty Nominees. There are some personalities such as Manny the Selfie Cat, Nobert, Jiffpom have large social media presence. This will help the company reach a wider audience. In addition, the company will seek to reach out to pet databases for partnerships. This partnership will improve the audience of the company and ensure that as many people as possible understand the objectives of the campaign. The company will focus on development of close relationship with vets. The vets and chippers will be supplied with first chips.

The campaign will be promoted in different platforms including newspapers and magazines and social media promotions. The chosen newspapers are those that have a wider coverage. The company will also have paid content run in different subscription magazines such as MyDog, MyCat and Bark. Content will also run on Pet Gazette which is the industry magazine. The other media of promotion include ads and leaflets at different veterinary clinics and pet shops across London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Wales. This will include partnership with different organizations such as PetsAtHome.

The company will also focus on social media promotions. This will include promotion through Facebook and Twitter. The company will have Cesar Millan post on his social media profile about the product and event. This will work to improve brand awareness and ensure that many people make a purchasing decision about the product. Social media is considered to be effective because through this platform the company will be able to reach many customers within a short period of time. Social media will also allow the company to reach customers in different locations. The videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels of the company.

In conclusion, Find My Pet Campaign is designed to improve compliance to the legal requirement that all dogs in the UK be microchipped. This will help improve identification of pets. The campaign will improve collaboration and communication between pet owners, vets and the company. This will help in developing better solutions for customer issues thereby improving the welfare of pets.

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