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It is essential that when an event professional is tasked with planning an off-site event, they consider creating a Requests for Proposal (RFP) and present the same to the event manager in the area (Conway, 2014). This first step is essential and should be followed at all times when such a task comes through. In the first step, the event professional will have to consider his or her committee who will assist in deciding where the event will be held.

Through the committee, the event professional will be able to have much idea about the content of the event such as dates as well as the time of the event. This allows the function professional together with the committee have a better idea whether the event will be free or tickets will be involved for entry (Jones, 2014). Through the RFP, the event professional will allow the event managers to have a better idea of the estimated number of people including age range of those expected to attend the event.

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Different functions require event planning. A theme party is a function that includes showers, birthday as well as retirement parties among others. These functions are for celebrating special moments of life. Meetings are functions that involve large strategic events, and in such, the number of people expected varies. Other duties include team building events. In this case, it can be a business development that requires the presence of people with business-related issues (Bladen, Kennell, Abson, & Wilde, 2012).

Business developments can involve benchmarking or any other business relationship. Seminar functions are also common. They can include educational events held to motivate or educate particular groups such as students or the society. Finally, trade shows are functions that can be organized by companies to promote some of their products or create general public awareness about the same. They may also not involve the public.

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