Food Shortage

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. Watching this video made me think about the number of children who are being born into the world when there are so many children already doing without the basic necessities in life such as food and shelter. Although there are numerous children who need help, there is also an increase in the use of fertility drugs and procedures. The population continues to grow as the food supply continues to shorten and no one seems to be establishing a method to take care of the food shortage or the youngest generation. Anytime the issue of an upcoming food shortage is discussed, we should be reminded that there are an abundance of people who are already experiencing this shortage.

. The issue discussed in the video is the food shortage in relation to the growing population. According to the video, the shortage is due to overpopulating beyond what the planet can sustain which causes too much needed food and too much strain on the ecosystem. In general, the idea is that there will be too many people to feed and not enough sources of food in order to feed these people. However, based on my opinion and other ideas in the video, much of the issue is due to the over-consumption of some instead of the overpopulation of many. For example, developed countries such as the United States are guilty of wasting enough food and over indulging rather than sharing the excess with the under privileged and the capitalistic societies do not allow for excess sharing of supplies.

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. I believe that there is a simple solution to the issue of food shortages. Sadly, developed nations have proven that they cannot self regulate the consumption and waste of food. Additionally, the neglect of the environment has led to a decrease in food supplies and can be attributed to overusing fuel and not controlling emissions. Therefore, the governments will have to step in to some extent in order to regulate these usages. Although this seems extreme, the point of a government is to protect a society from outsiders and from themselves. A potential food shortage should fall under this category.

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