Fraud Case In Medicaid Program

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December 3, 2016: Bridgett Carr was arrested for providing patients with forged description in exchange for money whilst working as an office manager for Dr. Jose Turro. The Sheriff found out that Ms. Carr had requested money to release unauthorized prescriptions, without her employer’s permission. Available evidence suggests that Ms. Carr has forged 57 prescriptions; she is currently being detained at the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center (WTSP). The victim here is Dr. Turro, who should have considered installing security cameras to be able to monitor Ms. Carr. Another way for Dr. Turro to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future would be to inform all of his patients that he is the only one who can provide them with prescriptions, and have warning messages in his office stating that anyone who is caught prescribing or collecting prescriptions without his authorization will be reported to the police.

December 1, 2016: A woman from Warwick was arrested after pleading guilty to obtaining over $260,000 by submitting a significant number of fraudulent bills to the Medicaid program (Borkowski). Besides having to return the funds, Ms. Brown has also been sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment. As reported by the NCSL, Medicaid frauds cost the United States billions of dollars every year, thus preventing the government from allocating funds in a more efficient manner. Being the US government the main victim of the scam being analyzed, it is evident that practitioners’ bills should be evaluated more carefully and that special institutions should be established in order to prevent and detect frauds early on – as recovering illicit payments would be much more difficult and time consuming than resorting to preventive solutions. At the federal and state levels, the government has already implemented a number of programs to evaluate risk and identify fraudulent activities early on.

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