Freedom of the Press: Miami Herald Publishing Co. v. Tornillo

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Listing to news, watching the news and understanding what happens around us is a common issue. You go online access information whether political or social that influences you daily lives. People have the right to access the information and be able to be informed regarding views and opinions. This is possible because of the First Amendment, and Freedom of the Press supports this requirement. People are supposed to share any views whether popular or not popular.

The media has the right to inform and present views, and the audiences have the right to make decisions (Justia US Supreme Court). An example of such a case is the Miami Herald Publishing Co. V. Tornillo in which Tornillo wanted to vie for a political seat, but the newspaper criticized some of his actions (Oyez.). Tornillo wanted the same newspaper to publish a response to the earlier criticism but Miami Herald refused and filed a case premised on the Florida statute that allowed the right of reply (Case Briefs). However, the Supreme Court conclude through saying that the editors had special functions and determined the contents of the newspaper, which by extension is the Freedom of the Press (FindLaw; Justia US Supreme Court).

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The Miami Herald Publishing v. Tornillo case illustrates how redress can be used to infringe the rights of freedom of speech. Tornillo was forcing the Herald newspaper to print a reply without considering the limits of First Amendment and the role and responsibilities of editors. The law states that you have the right of speech but does not mean you force other stakeholders to incorporate your views in their decision-making processes. Therefore, the decision was important in advancing the requirements that are in the First Amendment and any changes that would have occurred would negate the principles of free speech.

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