Global Warming Persuasion Plan

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Specific Purpose: To persuade the Communication that global warming is a growing problem that we need to do our part to address.

I. [attention getter]: this summer, the trio hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria battered various locations leaving behind a path of devastation, resulting in more than $200 billion dollars of damage. The increase in the number of hurricanes and the power behind them is directly linked to global warming.

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II. [credibility statement] In doing research for this topic, there were many reputable sources that showed the events that have been taking place in the past few years that are plaguing the environment where we live is directly linked to global warming.

Transition: Hurricanes are not the only cause of global warming, it is affecting many other areas of our environment.

(in which no hint of Solution should occur)
I. [statement of the problem]: Global warming is a growing problem that affects the world equally; if left unaddressed, there will be catastrophic outcomes.

II. [illustration]: The climate change resulting from global warming is the biggest health threat of the 21st Century; as the temperatures increases so will incidence of illness, need for medical attention, and even death.

III. [ramifications]: The recent hurricanes that flooded the news with devastation and despair affected areas in the United States, Texas, and Florida. It also his global locations in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico leaving behind the remnants of homes and lives that were once there.

A. “But for the world in which we live, which climate experts project will be at least eight degrees warmer by 2100 should global emissions continue on their current path, this small rise will have grave consequences, ones that are already becoming apparent, for every ecosystem and living thing—including us” (Denchak).

1. According to Khan (2017), The heat is continuing to increase causing many different disasters that can include droughts, floods, storms, heatwaves, wildfires, and hurricanes.

2. The warming is changing the climate system of the earth, including oceans, ice, atmosphere and land, in many far-reaching ways.

B. Human influences are the main cause of global warming, primarily with carbon pollution from burning fossil fuel and destroying the forests with prevents a means of pollution-capturing.

IV. [audience involvement in the problem]: Have you notices how the summers are getting hotter and less bearable? That is a direct result of global warming.
A. Winter is becoming shorter, and there is less effect of the ‘cooling’ down time, because of the damage done to the environment.
B. The horrific wild fires, hurricanes, and other events we see happening more frequent will continue to affect our environment and threaten our well-being.

Transition: The problem of global warming affect each of us, show the question is how can we change this issue.

Scientists have focused on geoengineering as a solution to global warmings, but in fact it could make things worse.

A. In efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, there is an attempt to artificially manipulate the climate as a means to change the direction of global warming.

B. “All in all, these strategies are relatively ineffective; individually, they reduce global warming by less than 8 percent each, assuming carbon dioxide emission levels continue to remain as high as they are now” (Choi).

II. [statement of the solution]: The solution is to address the main areas that impact global warming and take personal responsibility for our individual role.

III. [explanation of how the Solution will work]: The solution will work, because the impact is a result of manmade situations that result in environmental change.
Reduce Emissions: individuals need to consider the personal emission and demand that our leaders implement climate solutions.
Stop Deforestation: “Tropical deforestation accounts for about 10 percent of the world’s heat-trapping emissions — equivalent to the annual tailpipe emissions of 600 million average U.S. cars” (Global Warming).
Prepare for Impact: the damage has been done, so we need to be prepared for the potential environmental outcome.

IV. [demonstration of the effectiveness of the Solution that includes an abundance of inductive proof]: The resources we depend on daily are causing the global warming effects, and with so many people ignoring the effects, it can be catastrophic.
A. Consider the vehicle type when purchasing your next car, fuel efficient cars reduce the amount of emission that affects the environment.
B. Find alternatives to flying. “Air transport is a major source of climate pollution, if you can take a train instead, do that” (Denchak).
Use renewable energy in the house to reduce the pollution and save money on utilities.
We need to preserve our forests, so participating in any activities that support deforestation will only continue to further the issue of global warming.

V. [refutation of specific objections to the Solution]: Many argue that individuals cannot affect the global crisis we are facing, and it is up to the big industries to make a change.
A. According to Car Emission (2017), We are directly responsible for the pollution that is causing global warming, with waste, cars, and resources we use to live every day.
B. Choosing energy smart appliances, reduce water waste, and weatherizing our homes will provide a viable solution to the very serious issue that we our environment is facing.

Transition: Understanding the problem and solution is important, but it is not effective till you see the outcome if the issue is not addressed.

I. [vividly pictures this audience’s future WITH my solution]: Our future world with the proposed solution will result in an environment that maintains it seasons, with bearable temperatures, a reduction in hurricanes and wildfires, and less concern about natural disasters. We will have beautiful forests, clean air to breathe, and no concerns for water shortages. The solution provides an environment where everyone can live without fear of environmental repercussions and young and old people are not longer a population that faces death because of the atmosphere.

II. [vividly pictures this audience’s future WITHOUT my solution]: Without implementing the proposed solutions, people will face challenges for basic survival. Water reductions will create a need to ration supplies and people may not have enough for everyone. The heat will continue to increase, and become unbearable. Young people and older adult’s lives will be in danger, as they may not be able to withstand the growing heat. Natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires will continue to increase and destroy the lives of thousands. There is no part of the world that will go unaffected, and the outcome will continue to leave a path of destruction that will touch everyone.

Transition: Seeing the potential outcome that could result depending on the selected path, it is important to consider what action can be taken.

I. [clearly tells the audience how to participate in the solution]: The solution starts with each one of us, doing our part to change how we impact our environment.
A. Considering alternate means of transportation, taking the bus and ride share, to reduce how much emissions our vehicles are putting in the environment.
B. Another important step is to get involved in community activities to address areas of concern, like business and individual pollutants, and what we can do to make a better environment for our future.

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