Globalization And The Gulf

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The world is increasingly becoming a global village because of the development and advancements in the field of trade, technology, political, world economies, and socio-political norms. According to Rupert & Solomon (2006), the phenomenon is called globalization. It is the process that has transformed the local and regional cultures into global or international ones thus making the world to be as one society. Globalization has affected the way people work in the Gulf and UAE cities. It can be recognized in employment, education, tourism among others areas. The paper describes how the two aspects of globalization, employment and tourism can be recognized in the Gulf and UAE cities. It also presents the challenges and benefits of the two aspects of globalization.

Globalization has enabled people to move from one country to another because international restrictions have been eased (Weinstein, 2005). People are able to engage in international business more easily than before. The Gulf region and UAE cities have witnessed the influx of people from different parts of the world. People are moving to seek employment while others as tourists. The business and the tourism sector in especially in UAE has greatly improved in the past few decades (Fox et al., 2006).

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The Gulf countries have changed their employment and tourism policies. The employment policies are meant to attract more and qualified international to the UAE labor market. The banking sector has experienced fast expansion. For instance, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi reviewed its policies to attract more employees from other regions of the world. The bank has witnessed fast expansion in recent years. Globalization has had a lot influence on the employment aspects of not only the bank, but also in several other areas of the economy (Godwin, 2006). Despite the efforts made by the UAE government encouraging local banks to employ local citizens, the banks such as the National Bank of Abu Dhabi has more than 60 percent employee who are from outside UAE. Only 40 percent are UAE citizens by 2010.

Globalization can be recognized in form of tourism. The UAE under the Al Nahyan ruling family has managed to distribute and invest wealth obtained from oil and other natural resources into development of mega structures to attract tourists. The Gulf and the UAE cities are recording an ever increasing number of tourists who visit the rich cultural and ancient sites around the region. UAE in particular has rich cultural and ancients sites. The government of UAE has embraced tourism as one of the main economic activity. Tourism has boosted foreign earnings for UAE. The country embraces tourism to boost its economy. It has rapidly developed industries, and several landmarks structures to boost its tourism heritage in the world stage (Al-Amouri, 2007). For instance, the UAE government has developed a complex and sophisticated road network linking its cities. The government has also embarked in providing employment and financial support to its citizens through various agencies. For instance, most of the tallest and landmark buildings and landmarks are found in the Gulf countries such as Qatar, and UAE.

In a nutshell, the Gulf countries are facing the challenge of globalization diminishing their Arabian culture. Globalization enables people from different cultural backgrounds to interact and exchange ideas. The interaction result in people intermarrying, introduction of foreign languages such as English which is now popular and largely used in UAE, and learning of other people’s culture. However, globalization has brought many benefits to the Gulf countries than harm. The economies of countries in the region is expected to experience sustainable growth because most countries have adopted liberal economic policies for attract investors and tourists into their countries.

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