Globalization Of The Entertainment Industry (Google In China Case)

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1. Describe the Google core competency, their philosophy, and what drives their growth?
The entertainment industry has been experiencing expansion and developments for a while based on the daily growing technology. The core capabilities of the most common web-based organizations depend on the ability of data building and organizing by the technology. Google has the primary purpose of software engineering which involves indexing the content and maintenance of remarkable hardware infrastructure. Besides, other Google’s core competencies include Google maps, Ads, and its innovation culture. It is Ad dominant, and most of its revenues are from advertisement activities. However, Google Ads is divided into two segments; Google AdSense and Google AdWord.

These Ads are used in advertising which has been a significant source of revenue and income for the associated companies. The core competencies have been the driving force for the creation of core products including Google Docs, Google Chrome, Google Calendar, and Google Erath amongst others. The company’s philosophy is to organize the global information through making it universally use4ful and accessible, and thus, this has been the driving power of the company’s success. Also, the translation of the Google information to the Chinese language amongst other languages has enhanced its usefulness in China and worldwide.

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2. Was Google’s scanning of books handled properly? What was the vision behind this idea?
Yes, scanning of the Google books was appropriately handled despite the occurrence of some controversial events. The goal and vision behind digitization of the Google books were to digitalize the manner in which people view and access online publications and increase efficiency. This was made successful through the partnering of the Google Company with big libraries and universities.

3. What were the steps that Google took to build their presence in China? How did Baidu fit into their business model?
Google maintained its presence and popularity in China through the creation of a Chinese language version of Google website where most Chinese accessed the site. Similarly, Google Company set up research and development centers in China attracting and developing the Chinese Talent through employment and staffing of highly skilled and compensated software engineers. The company also partnered with the major Universities as a means of maintaining its presence. Baidu was a Chinese search engine and a technological site that existed even before Google and worked in partnership the government agencies. Therefore, Google managed to associate itself with Baidu to increase its association with the Chinese Government too through the provision of similar services to those of Baidu.

4. Why was China an interesting and important market for Google to enter (besides being large)?
China had enough revenue to ensure the entering and operation of Google in the Chinese market. Besides, Chinese was advanced regarding technology making it easy for the Google Company to enter and operate in the market. In addition, economic and political stability attracted the Google Company to enter Chinese technological market despite some of the issues that arose during the expansion of the Company.

5. In the struggle between China and Google, what were the five key issues that separated the two parties?
Cultural differences between the Chinese those entering the market was the major issue for the existence of Google Company in the market. Earlier, American Internet Company had introduced Yahoo that operated under Chinese legislation. Besides, the presence of Baidu and other search engines worked in correlation with the demands of the government that required that some information should not be put in the search engines to keep political secrets and information confidentially. Also, the hardships that faced Google under the Media Industry laws have been a common issue leading to the separation of the parties. Economic and political differences in China were also a complex issue that affected the Google Company operations.

6. How did Google resolve the conflicts and negative issues with China?
Despite some common challenges facing Google Company operations in China, it managed to solve such conflicts and problems. Its uniqueness in the manner it provided information as a default search engines in mobile phones, computers, and other telecommunication made it useful in China, and thus, the arising conflicts were half-solved. Besides, adherence to the Chinese Media Industry laws was a basis of conflict resolution with China.

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