Group Influence

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Altruism has been manifested in my group and team engagements in the daily activities. This is the principle that is associated with the act of being selfless. One of the essential constructs of the principles is that it is associated with a lot of concern in the welfare and interests of other through accommodating their interests. In most cases, people within a team setup are required to make sacrifices of what they perceive to be very intimate to themselves in order to enhance the comfort of the team. This is an essential attribute because it promotes the inspiration of the team because of the attitudes among the members who decide to avoid personal comforts to enhance teamwork and collaboration.

Every time I want to join a certain group or team of people, I always commit myself towards the laws that bind the members. This is achieved through the principle of conformity. Through conformity, I change my behavior or belief in order to fit in a certain group of people. Some of the factors that lead to the conformity include the pressure towards an individual to comply with certain rules, standards and principles that are elemental to the gaining a certain membership status. I conform to the rules of a group before joining in order to focus in the activities of the group without any distractions.

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I have encountered discrimination in various circumstances in my life. Discrimination is the categorization of individuals based on some biased criteria as opposed to personal merit. Therefore, discrimination is a form of injustices that portrays inequality in a classification process. Based on my gender, sometimes I am not allowed to undertake certain activities, and the members of the other sexual orientation are freely allowed to undertake. Therefore. This is the typical representation of gender that I have experienced in my life.

Obedience is one of the typical representations of my character. Obedience describes high levels of submission to a certain authority that is brought about by compliance with a law, request or order. Through obedience, an individual can act instantly while responding to an authoritative command or figure. I am always obedient to the group leader and instructors once I am required to undertake any activity. One of the factors that inspires me towards the obedience is the fact I have a lot of respect to the individuals in authority, and I have passion towards the activities that I undertake.

In most of my past encounters, I have always been into engagements with other people or groups of people because of some reasons. These are the same reasons that also make me avoid other people. This is inspired by the social exchange theory. The Social exchange ideology gives a suggestion that the exchange process and the related mechanisms for the basis for social behavior. The exchanges create the relationships that exist among human beings because of the estimated punishments and rewards. Therefore, I have always been opportunistic in the manner that I get into relationships because I consider the benefit that I am likely to get in any contribution I make.

In some situations, I have been influenced by my colleagues into some social groups whose values and beliefs are not consistent with my values. The interaction of the conflicting values makes experience various dilemmas which lead to a lot of discomforts because of cognitive dissonance. Most of the situations that have subjected me to cognitive dissonance are as a result of big contacts in the perspectives presented by the conflicting values. Consequently, I am always forced to violate one of the values because there is no amicable solution to manage the situations.

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