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Hawaii is the most recent State among the states of the U.S. The entire state is covered with islands. The nature of Hawaii makes it a major tourism hub, research and marketing center. Hawaii’s population has been on a steady increase trend. This is attributed to various factors including natural resources. The increase in population has had numerous effects and side effects on the people who reside there.

Causes of Population Increase in Hawaii
The major cause of the increase in population in Hawaii is attributed to its strategic nature. Its natural environment characterized by numerous islands and the unlimited access to the sea is the major cause of the influx. This makes a major tourism attraction center. The serene and attractive environment attracts visitors from within the United States and from across the globe. This natural resource together with a supportive environment and attractive weather conditions has contributed to rapid population growth. Availability of advanced social amenities as a result of government and private investment also contributes to the availability of an attractive environment.

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As a social center, Hawaii is a good business hub. As a tourism center and strategic point, it is able to attract a multitude of investors who take advantage of the high number of visitors. The availability of land is also a major cause in the increase of population. The environment in Hawaii presents a good opportunity for various marketing agencies and research institutions to base their centers. The uncontrolled immigration is also another major cause of population increase in Hawaii. The cultural, religious and social nature of Hawaii is characterized by diversity making it attractive to very many people.

Effects of Population Increase in Hawaii
The high number of the people in Hawaii has brought about numerous challenges among the people. This has brought about competition for natural resources and public amenities and thus reducing the living standards of the residents. The quality of healthcare services has become poor because the resources available cannot sustain the high population in the state. This has also led a limitation in the job opportunities in the state and thus increasing crime rates. This is further propagated by an increase in population that provides a supportive environment for these robbery and violence activities. This has brought a major threat to the security status in the strategic points within the state.

The rapid increase in the population has exerted a lot of pressure on the environment. This is because it has led to the destruction of natural resources to provide space in trying to sustain the high population. This has led to massive pollution a lot of retrogressive steps towards conserving the environment. The result is availability poor housing facilities and thus a reduction in the quality of life. Because of the high number of people the carrying capacity has been exploited and thus the basic amenities like education, access to food and clean water. This has affected the economy negatively because the destruction of the environment has led to decreased rates of tourism because most of the attractive sites have been affected by pollution and lack of expansion resources.

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