Health Care Fraud

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The construct of Health care frauds can be defined as the acts of intentional deception where on party uses healthcare resources, at his or her disposal, for illegal personal interests. This leads to substantial amount of injury or disadvantages to another the other party. Due to such duplicitous representation of health care resources, quality and professional standards of the medical institutions are significantly devaluated (Fabrikant, Kalb, Bucy & Hopson, 2014).

Wastage of government funds is also realized. Health care fraud is a misappropriation of resources and has been one of the main issues affecting the health sector. To mention a few, some examples of health care fraud includes, but not limited to, overcharging customers, bribing health care providers to get better treatment, giving out prescriptions for wrong but gainful purpose, and falsifying scenarios for insurance reimbursement.

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Health care fraud increases the existence of low ethical values and violation of legal requirements in the health sector. This is so because, if the norm persists in a given setting, then everyone will be forced to do it. For instance if the top officials are taking part in ordering for equipment from the government, purposely for personal sale, then other protocols under them will learn and be inclined to follow this unethical model (Fabrikant, Kalb, Bucy & Hopson, 2014).

As Human beings, our lifetime needs and wants are unlimited. Most health care providers do not get enough pay as they would wish for. So if health care fraud is on the rampant and other people are benefiting from it, they are also forced to do it so as to meet their daily needs. Health care fraudulence can also make one loose his or her job. When such a case occurs to, say to one member of an organization, conflicts and complexities results as other associates defend themselves

Health care fraud definitely leads to depriving the professionals and managers of their ethical values and legal requirements. Most of them are forced into it when they are new in the sector and it becomes difficult to stop. While the legal requirements, such as those dictated in the Hippocratic Oath are put at stake, other prospects of ethical concern, such as the faith of privacy bestowed by patient to clinical professionals, is jeopardized significantly (Fabrikant, Kalb, Bucy & Hopson, 2014).

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