Health Status In The European Union

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When a comparison is done between the EU countries and that of the US in the section of health status, there is a big difference in the manner in which such activities are carried out. In most EU nations, a chance for an individual to live a long and healthy life is linked to his or her social status. In EU countries such as Cyprus and Croatia, the life expectancy is much different with that of US. In US, there is Obama Care which is concerned with healthcare for the young and disabled whereas in EU countries such as Cyprus and Croatia, there is no such services.

Despite this differences in health status in the EU countries, there are efforts made to cub the differences. There is a project called “Closing the Gap” that has been implemented by the EU countries that is aimed at curbing the huge differences between the health status in such countries (Gele, et al, 2010). They are looking forward at sharing ideas with other countries to find solutions to health inequalities. There are policies and programs that have been set to solve such problems.

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The lesson learned from the efforts to reduce the inequalities in health status that can be implemented by the US is to draw and implement important health care matters. Furthermore, the US can also copy from the other nations on ways in which they can improve their healthcare system (Stegeman, 2010). This will also help the US to better their services in healthcare provision.

The community can also adapt from such policies by utilizing their healthcare systems through utilizing the available resources to improve their healthcare system. They can start with improving their local healthcare services so that the national health status can also be increased and improved at large.

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