High Protein Breakfast

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Eating protein at breakfast is very important to maintain consistent energy throughout the morning. This is because the way in which protein effects blood glucose levels is dramatically better than the way in which carbohydrates affect blood glucose levels. When blood glucose rise quickly and then fall this causes people to get grouchy and tired. Thus, if a person wants consistent energy that doesn’t have a crash with it, they should opt for high protein over high carbohydrates for breakfast any day.

To exemplify what a high protein breakfast looks like, Steve Loftman showcased his Sunday breakfast with high protein goodies to eat for breakfast. Among these foods were 1 lb. of potatoes, 4 eggs with yolks, beef from leftover stew, 1.5 cups of milk, butter braid with added fruit and olive oil and sea salt for seasonings. Altogether, this made up 60 grams of protein, 45g of carbs (if only half the potatoes were eaten), and 22 g of fat for the 3 eggs. Despite this breakfast being extremely heavy overall, the amount of protein is ideal for those looking to build muscle and for those looking to maintain a steady source of energy throughout the day.

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Even though Steve showed what he ate for breakfast, he did stress that this was a Sunday breakfast and he normally wouldn’t eat the potatoes on a regular basis. This is because potatoes are carb dense, thus eating these on a regular basis could promote weight gain and lethargy. However, eating eggs and beef on a regular basis for breakfast beats packaged cereals any day. As stated by Becker, researchers found that “ a high-carb meal consisting of orange juice, bacon, jelly, packaged cereals and coffee both with sugar and milk made blood glucose levels rise quickly but then fall causing fatigue and inefficiency” (Becker, 2017).

Therefore, it’s highly important to get enough protein for breakfast and only at breakfast should the amount of protein be so high. If I were to make a modification in the breakfast he made, I would recommend eating a baked sweet potato since it’s lower in the GI index field and also provides more nutrition than a regular, white potato. Also, instead of the butter braid which is a form of fruit filled bread with 9g of sugar, I would recommend eating actual fresh fruit such as a bowl of berries. These not only provide antioxidants but a steady source of energy, not to mention they taste great in a smoothie or mixed with some yogurt, which is a good source of probiotics for gut health.

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