Sugars Is A Harmful Substance

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Mostly, people talk about sugar which refers to fructose and glucose mixture contained in various amounts in different foods commonly referred as simple sugars. On the other hand, most people consider sugar as carbohydrates which play a significant role in providing energy for the body. Therefore, the most common type of sugar in a person’s body is glucose in which the brain, major body organs, and muscles require it to function properly. However, sugar is considered harmful in many ways. The paper will analyze the adverse effects of sugar in the body and the society as a whole.

First, sugar causes major health problems like Type 2 diabetes which is solely caused by overeating sugar. Moreover, if a person who has Type 2 diabetes does not get help, he or she is likely to suffer from Hyperglycaemia. Although sugar does not directly cause diabetes, it is important to note that a person can get Type 2 diabetes as a result of being overweight (Gulati and Misra 2014, p. 5966-5967). Ideally, a person can get overweight as a result of taking in sugary foods and drinks that contain a lot of calories. Consequently, intake of too much sugar makes a person to put on much weight which then increases the chances of getting Type 2 diabetes.

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Secondly, large intake of sugar suppresses the body’s immune system. Evidently, taking a little sugar will definitely suppress the body’s immune system up to about 50 percent. Noteworthy, the immune system of the body plays a significant role in preventing harmful diseases. In addition, as much as sugar suppresses a person’s body, it also slows down the process of absorbing the vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, excessive use of sugar in the body stops the white blood cells from performing their duty of getting rid of harmful bacteria and viruses that cause sickness. As a result, most people with high intake of sugar are most likely to suffer from diseases because of a weak immune system and lack of white blood cells that offer the body protection against harmful viruses and bacteria (Rahiman 2011, p 31).

Third, sugar causes a broad swath of harms that have an enormous impact on the society and the economy at large. Large sugar intake causes overweight among people which in turn leads to obesity. Across the world, many people have been diagnosed with obesity terming it as a lifestyle disease. This comes with a huge cost especially when it comes to the treatment of obesity. For instance, the governments are usually forced to spend money directly by purchasing prescription drugs and on medical care of obese people (Dobbs, et al.2014, p 11). Moreover, obesity has other costs which among such as increase in employee insurance premiums and lower wages which are linked to obesity-related diseases. Therefore, it is quite evident that countries with less number of people with obesity spend smaller share of their healthcare dollars on obesity and other obese-related diseases.

Conclusively, as much as sugar plays a vital role in the society in a variety of ways, its harmful effects have cost countries huge amounts of money in the treatment of sugar related diseases. Therefore, sugar should be considered as a very harmful substance thus cautions should be taken when handling it. It is advisable that if people must take sugar then it should be in little quantities that will not affect their health in the near future. In fact, parents have a responsibility of controlling the amount of sugar intake for their children because they are the most vulnerable. Most obese children are believed to be victims of high sugar intake.

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