How Did Colonialism Affect African People?

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Colonisation affected Africans socially, politically and economically, and in both positive and negative ways. One of the ways in which it affected Africans was the introduction of religion. This brought about missionary opportunities in which most of them got scholarships to study both locally and abroad as well as building of churches, schools and hospitals.

The second one was the construction of companies whereby Africans were employed and many products were brought to them, which were initially not available for them before colonization. This greatly changed their way of living.

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Colonization also brought about education to Africa. During that period, many schools were constructed in which Africans studied to enhance their knowledge and skills. This helped them in getting employments in the companies that had been established locally as some even moved abroad.

Another way that the colonization of Africa was the introduction of technology. Technology has been the greatest revolution that has greatly changed the world to a greater deal. Many Africans had not felt the impact of technology in their lives before the coming of the colonialists. They came with them some remarkable technology that made work easier for Africans such as communication and transportation. The introduction of means of transportation such as vehicles, trains and bicycles greatly changed the lives of Africans as they were able to move from one place to another, hence, developing themselves through interactions.

However, one of the major negative impacts of the colonization of Africa was the loss of the African culture. Many Africans lost their culture, which was their true identity and replaced it with the western culture. This was also done through the introduction of Christianity which changed the beliefs of Africans from their deities to believing in God as they were taught by the missionaries.

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