How Is Architecture Influenced By The Environment And Technology?

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It is certain that the field of architecture has evolved over the years. The environment and technology are two major factors that have contributed to such type of evolution. In the past, it was noted that the use of architecture was only carried using the manual ways. However, it was discovered by using technology, such field would be more effective. With the increased level of competition is the architecture field, it was certain that the only way a firm would be able to survive was through developing a better structure. It is important to note that architecture is a wide field as it covered different types of designs. However, most of such structures are similar in a way as the basics are the same. This paper will discuss how architecture is influenced by the environment and technology.

Technology plays a major role in the modern world. One of the major uses of technology is to enhance efficiency in the type of designs. In the field of architecture, it is noted that most of the structures are designed in such a way that would it make life more comfortable. As such, the best ways of ensuring that such structures are suitable for human use is through the use of technology. One of the ways in which technology has influenced architecture is the developing of new type of designs or structures. A good example is the Bayard Condit. Building In the past, architectures were limited in terms of designing new structures. The main reason behind it was the fact that they were not sure how the building will survive through certain environmental conditions. However, it was noted that by using the modern technology, architecture can design a sample building by using the different type of technology which would resemble the real building. In that light, they can be able to analyze how such building can be better developed to survive such conditions. A good example is the Burj Khalifa, which is considered to be the largest architectural design in the world. it was noted that the building as likely to collapse due to the type of environmental hazards that Dubai tend to experience on a daily basis. In that light, the architectures used different type of technology to analyze how they can overcome such changes before the construction of the original plan (Fez-Barringten 67). In that case, it was certain that they were able to overcome most of those challenges including how to construct the building in a place where the sand cannot be able to sustain such a weight.

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Architecture is also influenced by environment in the sense that with the increased level of competition, it is important for the architecture to design something new and better every day. For example, the media has played major role in influencing the construction of different designs. As such, with the increase range of customer base, architectures must ensure that they become e more innovative on daily basis. This is why different architectures have come up with new types of structures that had never been seen in the past. In the past, customers were limited in terms of ideas. In fact, the influence of mass media has ensured that more people around the world get to learn the different type sod designs that are constructed in different parts of the world. Such measures has influence the customers to want new structures that would ensure they remain the best (Bass, Clements, and Rick 43). Also, with the increased population in the world, it is important for the architectures to utilize the limited resources.

In conclusion, it is certain that technology and environment has had a major influence in architecture. What is more, it is certain that with the increase level of technology, most new architectures design are likely to be developed in the future. Technology has ensured that the field of architecture is not limited in any way in terms of developing new ideas.

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