How Social Media Revolutionized Our Lives

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Throughout the course of this proposal, I will outline the nature of my idea for a podcast. I will describe its subject matter, the motivation behind it, and its intended audience. I will also outline the ways in which it will appeal to this audience and detail why the subject matter is appropriate for the genre. Attention will be paid to describing the ways in which my idea conforms to the requirements for an exemplary podcast. I hope that you will take my proposal into consideration and come to the conclusion that it is worth commissioning.

The proposed podcast will focus upon the subject of the way in which social media has revolutionized people’s lives. This topic has been chosen for a number of different reasons. Firstly, social media is a relatively new innovation that is frequently featured in the media, meaning that it is something that large numbers of people are interested in. Secondly, as a frequent user of numerous different social media platforms, it is an area that I have a strong understanding of. It is essential for the creators of podcasts to be knowledgeable about the topics of that they choose to focus on (Clark).

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In addition to these points, this topic will allow for interesting guests to be brought on to the show whose lives have been changed by social media in unusual ways. Guests with interesting stories can act as catalysts for the popularity of a podcast. Raw, authentic narratives can help to maintain the attention of the listeners (Clark).

The proposed podcast will be aimed at people in their late twenties, as research indicates that the average podcast listener is 29.4 years old (Kaiser 75). This means that this is the demographic that will be most likely to listen to it. Research indicates that individuals who are in their late twenties are less capable at concentrating upon information than their younger counterparts (Foster). Therefore, the show will be filled with short sound bites and brief discussions so as to maintain the attention of the audience. Members of the target age group will be likely to be familiar with most modern social media platform, so the podcast will avoid patronizing them by explaining the nature of these sites. Instead, it will focus upon amusing anecdotes and inspirational tales about people who have used social media to improve their lives, whether it be by finding the women of their dreams or using it as a platform to start a business.

This subject is appropriate for a podcast, as it is likely that fans of this genre will be relatively technologically savvy. This means that they will be familiar with the dynamics of the majority of social media platforms. However, they might not have stopped to consider the true potential of these platforms for changing people’s lives. The topic is also appropriate on account of the fact that it makes for a good discussion and podcasts frequently focus upon discussions that are centered upon interesting subjects.

If I was writing this piece for a print publication then I would not be able to include interactions from different people in the piece. This would mean that the reader would be deprived of the experience of hearing a lively debate regarding the influence of social media. It would also be impossible for people who have had their lives changed by social media to convey their stories as passionately or as enthusiastically, as vocal tone is an important tool for doing this.

Interesting guests, a subject that the creator possesses a comprehensive understanding of, and a strong focus upon quality all make for a good podcast (Clark). The proposed podcast contains all of these components. A considerable amount of time would be spent on ensuring that it was as entertaining and as enlightening as possible. I feel that my idea is capable of captivating its target audience and maintaining the attention of the listeners. If you choose to commission this podcast, it will contain the perfect blend of debate, interesting facts, personal anecdotes, and fascinating sound bites. The subject matter will appeal to anybody who has an interest in the way in which technology is shaping the world in which we live. I will be awaiting your response regarding whether or not you wish for me to go ahead with this idea. 

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