Innovative Technology

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In the following paper I would like to tell about the Microsoft Skype Translator. This is an artificial-intelligence-based translator which may be used to simultaneously translate Skype conversations. When users speak, the software automatically translates their speech and presents it in written or verbal form. What is truly exciting is that this artificial intelligence program is “self-learning”; over time, it adapts to the user’s language, accent, and slang. There is an audio version which is available in eight languages and a transcript version that can be used in more than fifty languages.

In the past, when people did not know each other’s languages they had to cooperate with a human interpreter. Thanks to this new program this is no longer necessary, since computer software can do the job!

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In my opinion, such innovative technology can have numerous positive effects for the sphere of Public Relations. This software can be used by the PR specialist on numerous occasions. For instance, in communicating with international partners or clients. Moreover, if we are talking about conference calls or even fully-fledged conferences, this artificial intelligence program can be used for simultaneous translations. As mentioned above, this software is self-learning – it adapts to the user’s language style. This makes it much more sophisticated than the regular translation applications.

Moreover, such translator programs could be used by PR Managers for facilitating numerous “routine” processes such as writing press releases or carrying out online communications. In the long run, artificial intelligence might take over all assistant functions in organizations, making managers more reliant on machines and less dependent on human assistance.

In traditional PR all of the communication was done via humans, however, with technologies becoming ever-more influential, artificial intelligence robots/programs/software could take on a leading role in fulfilling important PR functions.

Furthermore, it is absolutely essential that Public Relations specialists grow out of their traditional communication approaches. Rapid technological progress calls for new ways of communicating with the public. Hence, PR Managers need to integrate some of their best practices with new, cutting edge technologies.

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