International Politics

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Most people believe that international politics only relates to politicians and that the average person knows nothing about it, and should not care to. In fact, politics is about life and governments around the world make decisions that affect our daily life. Though politics may be a study of history, it is also a study of current events. Knowing these certain theories, practices, and institutions of politics is vital to being an active citizen of the world. Learning about these relations can provide many with an appreciation of how to create a more just and humane world. The study of international relations is relevant to daily life because we can be directly affected by them. The terrorism that has been plaguing around the world, especially the 9/11 attacks, have impacted our lives through legislation and security procedures. War between countries can impact our lives in many ways, specifically when men and women we know personally go off to fight for our country. Immigration affects government policies, the economy, and cultures.

Arms control is when treaties created between prospective adversaries that reduce the possibility of war. This usually requires restrictions on military capabilities. On the other hand, disarmament is the diminution of how many weapons and troops are sustained by a nation. It entails the decreasing of weapons or even banning certain groups of weaponry. While disarmament always involves the cutback of armed forces and/or weapons, arm control does not. Actually, agreements of arms control may sometimes consent to the increase of weapons. In the case of Iran, disarmament would not be a good solution because it would cause a greater response of outrage by their people. But with arms control, more people will be more willing to cooperate because it does not fully restrict them. Arms control, under the conditions that it would be very strict, would be the better method because it would create cooperation between Iran and the United States.

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