Leaders and Managers

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Being a leader and a manager both have their own unique skill sets and come with their own set of challenges. To be a good leader, one obviously has to have been a strong manager, or at the very least understand the core fundamentals of management. This paper will explain my strong points as both a potential leader and manager, and then address areas in which I could use improvement.

In terms of being a manager I am confident that I would be able to stay focused and accomplish the short term goals assigned to me by leadership. I feel that I would have the means to tackle these short term goals, because I am able to be a problem solver and think of business minded solutions when problems arise. These attributes also help to segway into the areas of leadership where I feel I would excel at.

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By being successful with short term goals, one is able to pre-determine ideas and means to set up and execute long term goals. Those would then needed to be communicated in a concise and confident manner to management. Also, I am adaptable and comfortable with change, so this would not be an issue either.

As far as the bullet points that I would need to address in order to make me better in either position, I first chose ‘Do things right’ in the management column. It would always be a concern for as I always want to try and do the best, so making sure that is right for the sake of the task would be evident. As far a being a leader, I would want to make sure that I was inspiring and motivating my employees. This can be a challenge because every individual is different, and so their needs and wants and reasons for becoming motivated vary. Being able to appease to all needs is a trying task.

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